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Civil War Trivia

Hotshot lawyer Edwin M. Stanton successfully defended this man on a murder charge with a "temporary insanity" plea-- the first time a defendant was ever acquitted on these grounds. After recovering from his fit of temporary insanity, the defendant went on to become a prominent Union General. Name him.

Extra credit**: Name the murder victim and the defendant's REAL motive.

Answer*: Daniel E. Sickles, then U.S. Senator from New York

Answer for Extra credit**:U.S. Attorney Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key of "star-spangled Banner" fame, who was having an afair with Mrs. Sickles .

The tune of "John Brown's Body", "We'll Hang Jeff Davis/Abe Lincoln to a Sour Apple Tree", later "Battle Hymn of the Republic", was actually an old religious song sung at revival meetings in the South. What was the original title of the song?

Super extra credit: Name the composer.

Answer. "Say, Brothers Will We Meet You Over On the Other Shore",

Answer for super extra credit: composed by William Steffe (1852)

Who was the only female chaplain of the Civil War?

Answer. Rev. Ella Hobart Gibson of the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery

Oliver Otis Howard (November 8, 1830 - October 26, 1909)

Fascinating Fact: Howard established a bank for blacks and Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Was autograph picture collecting popular during the Civil War?

Answer: Yes, they were called Cartes de visite, miniature portraits used as calling cards, were extremely popular during the American Civil War. It was common practice during the war to acquire such portaits though gift or purchace, mail them to the individuals represened, and hope for their return - signed!

Where did Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant first meet face to face?

Answer: The White House, at 9:30 p.m.,March 8, 1864.

What river city was under siege by U.S. Grant for six weeks?

Answer: Vicksburg,Mississippi.

Where did Lincoln go in July 1862 to consult with George B. McCellan?

Answer: Harrison's Landing,Virginia.

What native of Illinois claimed to have killed 50 Confederates with 50 shots from his special rifle?

Answer: James Butler Hickok.

Upon learning that he would face Lee instead of Johnston, who described Lee as "timid and irresolute"?

Answer: George B. McClellan.

Eager to display his strength, what Gen. habitually showed off by lifting his wife to a seat on the mantle piece.

Answer: Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell.

After losing his plum hat, Jed Stewart offer to swap it for whose capture dress coat and hat?

Answer: Maj. Gen. John Pope.

What native of Ohio invented a special hat of canvas and bamboo to shield his head from Virginia heat?

Answer: Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell.

What rat had a general, named Frank Indian chief then, was known to relatives and intimates as "Cump"?

Answer: Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman.

What leader, or at home with forces them with men, never led subordinates see him naked?

Answer: Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant

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