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My Condolences

I reach out to your heart and bring you to my side.
Come to me and in me, your pain , please confide.
Life can be so unfair.
Your sorrow I do openly share.
May your spirit guide you and with you remain.
I send you my thoughts and my love in your pain.
Hopefully, my wish for you will be one of peace.
And that your anguish can soon release.
The pain of loosing your precious one is to much to bare.
I want you to know that I care.
Rest as well as you can, my friend.
Soon sweet memories will come and your agony will end.

(Poem by Joanne)

I went to the mall today to see the memorial and to honor all those that died and those who suffer from their passing. Yesterday, July 23. 2012. a man from Illinois stopped by and placed a cross for each person who died. He did that for Columbine also. He didn't stay, he just put the crosses up and went home. This location would be on the east side of Aurora Mall. There was so much press there and they still were filming across the street at the memorial. No one will ever forget this. No one will ever stop hurting.


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