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Let my soul call out and rejoice.
At the desire and pleasure of your voice.
I have visited the ancient sea.
My heart rang out and I looked for thee.
When I wandered the earth, I did beseech.
My soul cried out to you to reach.
The misty memories of my life,
Held for me some love and some strife.
I only now walk upon my path,
To seek comfort and avoid wrath.
The aches and pains in my heart,
Have now reached its time to depart.
My mind nested in the torment of my eyes,
The wind reach out and erased my cries.
I'll walk now in a new place.
For now, I've won the race.
With my very being, my heart beats steady.
My spirit is calm and my soul is ready.
My essence had paled; but, it did renew.
For now, my time is spent with you.

September 22, 2004

For David who finds his final self.

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