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time,,what is time?

time passes us by so hurrily,
we tend to get caught up with it inexplicably,
oh how we wonder, what could have been
'cause time passes us by, denyingly unseen,
when its too late,
we moan, we complain, we sigh,
did we have time to even contemplate?

situations in life dwells in us
and sometimes its just too big and robust,
which leads us to think, and think,
are we close to the brink?
we look at our watches and clocks
seconds, minutes, hours,
clicks by and by,
we moan, we complain, we sigh,
did we resolve this situation,
or at least give ourselves, time to try?

time is of the essence, they say,
so why do we procrastinate, and hold time at bay?
life is so short and beautiful,
with time so bountiful,
we intertwine with time
and age like fine wine,
ever being so hopeful.

let us enjoy this day with total bliss,
call a friend, a loved one, and share this time amiss,
there's no time to complain, moan, or sigh
don't let time idly pass us by........