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[ Tears Of An Angel ]

I Have A Dream Of What Life Should Be..
Walking Along By The Bay..

As The Sun Sets Beyond The Horizon..
I Breathe In The Freshness..
Of The Cool Night Breeze..

The Moon Up In The Sky..
Seems To Fade Away Slowly..

Starz Blinking To Light The Sky..
As I Look Up, My Eyes Wander,..

Hoping To See My Lucky Star..
Along Came A Shooting Star..

Making Its Way Across The Galaxy..
Drawing A Deep White Sparks..
Almost Like Candles Flickering..
To Light Up Heaven Above..

I Close My Eyes, Made A Wish..
I Wish For Love, Serene, Peace..
And Tranquillity. I Wish For..
Hate To Stop Around The World,..

I Wish For True Friends Who Would Love..
Me Unconditionally And Be Around..
When I Need To Be Hugged..

I Can't Help But Wonder..
How It Would Be If Wishes..
Became True In Reality ....

A Teardrop Rushes Down My Cheek..
Gentle Kiss Of Wind Dry My Face..
Understanding That God Was Listening..

My Angels Right By My Side..
Standing Patiently With Arms..
On My Shoulders..

When I Open My Eyes I Realize..
That I Made A Good Wish, Not Just For Me..
But For Everyone .

"Peace On Earth"
"That Is My Wish"
Smile :)

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