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Jenn's Forgotten Time



This Is The Place I Go From Time To Time

To Clear My Thoughts When Everything Is Hard

To Understand..Let Go Of My Anxiety..

I Stand And Watch As The Leaves

Start To Fall



A Touch Of Spring, With Every

Bird And Butterflies That I See Float Like Magic

Above The Sky , Every Flower That Grew Around

My Lake Resurrect My Soul.

Life Is So Hard Sometimes That It Will Bring

You To Your Knees And Tears In Your Eyes

When It Does, Look Around You , Think How

Wonderful It Is To Feel These Emotions

Because Without Sorrow There Is No Happiness

Without Tears There Will Be No Laughter

Without Darkness There Will Be No Light..

When You Feel All Alone And It Seems Like

You Are Drowning From Your Own Sorrow

Hold Up Your Hands And Reach Mine

Touch A Kind Heart

And You'll Soon Forget Those Trying Times

Then Thank The Heavens Above For The Beauty

Beyond Compare

~~ Jennifer ~~




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