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Holes In The Floor Of Heaven


I Needed A Friend And I Found It In You
Someone Who Is There
When I Needed To Be Hugged
Comfort me When I'm Sad
You Are Always There To See Me Through
No Matter What The Circumstances Were

You Are My Friend
That Will Never Walk Away
When Things Are Gray
One Who I Can Tell Secrets To

You Are There To Help Me Through
To Wipe My Tears Away When I'm Sad
Laugh With Me When I'm Happy
You Gave Me Love And Strength
When I'm Weak

I'm Glad For The Holes In Heaven
An Angel Was Sent
To Watch Over Me.
And If You Ever Go Away
My Heart Would Be Lost

So My Friend, No Matter Where You *Bee*
Know That You Are Always Treasure
By Me ..You Always Will Be In My Heart

My Love And Prayers Are With You

I Wish You A Brilliant Sunset
To Warm Your Heart
A Day Without Sorrow
A Heart Filled With Joy



And Faith*

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven
Words and music by
Billy Kirsh and Steve Wariner