Washtington Park

Washington Park - Denver, Colordo or Wash Park for short. Wash Park is a huge, gorgeous (both people and nature) park located near downtown Denver. It is located of I-25 then go east on Downing exit. Follow Downing road and it will take you parallel to the park. Wash Park offers outdoor enthusiasts a multitude of activities to enjoy. One could bike/blade around the miles of paved trails which interconnect with other bike trails in the city of Denver. You could play frisbee, walk through the flower garden, hang out by the lake, spend an lazy afternoon with that special someone or take your favorite canine for a walk. There are basketball court, tennis courts, soccer fields, and ofcourse the groomed grass for the primetime sport (outdoors grass volleyball). There are betweeen 35 - 50 nets setup on weekends (except for tournament weekends) for volleyball enthusiasts to strut their stuff. Play levels ranges from recreation to solid A competition. Players could find doubles, co-ed doubles, to sixes. If you have a large group, it is advisable to bring your own net system.

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