We are excited about the new concept called "Warp-A-Fundy."  The idea is this:  We find religious right-wing propaganda on the web and we parody it.  Sometimes, we'll just defile one of the worms' websites.  Sometimes, we'll just make fun of the whole concept--you know, whatever strikes our fancy!  As Frank Zappa once said, "Remember friends, there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over."

Right now, we have very little content, but we plan on changing this real soon.  It's been fun following Little Bobby around though!


First of all, if you're under 18, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!  This site is not intended for you, and if your parents come whining about how we corrupted your little impressionable mind, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE!

Now, for the rest of you, everything that appears in this site is for the purpose of parody only.  We do not pretend to present the views, psychoses or perversions of our intended marks.


There may be many ways to save your soul, but giving your money to a rich son of a bitch isn't one of them.

Kaptain Kaos at the Chicken Intestine of Fate.  We're here for you.

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Bob Larson

We will soon be warping Jack Van Impe's SiteAny suggestions?

The Church of the Mighty Lamb
(This one's not ours and we can't figure out if it's for real or not.
If you have any theories, please tell us.)

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