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Astrological Sex Signs

Scroll down until you find yourself.  I got a thrill from reading them all.


Aries women: 
Wildly sensual, passionate and adventurous. 
You'll have sex anywhere, you know what you want - intense and frequent
sex, you have a need for complete control, but you're also in love with
love. As a mate, you are ardent, loyal, sentimental, and earthly. 
Biggest thrill - the tickle of a man's facial fuzz. 

Aries men: 
Sleeping with him is like playing croquet with live bombs - 
you never know what is going to happen! Never expect him to wait for you
to be ready - he will rip your clothes off if he 
is ready to go. Don't tease him or you'd better be ready to deliver. 
Fond of slave master games and he likes it rough. 
Aries men are also explorers, so be ready to go where no woman has gone

His favorite position: a woman on her knees leaning forward. 

Taurus women: 
You expect your man to be kind and patient and make love to you by the
book. Like to be pleased by sex, but don't look for unusual approaches. 
But you are a demanding lover and you leave your partner breathless. You 
have a need for oral gratification, both giving and receiving. 

Best sex mates: Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Leo. 

Most likely kink: sucking on your toes, one by one. You also like

Taurus men: 
He is the ideal lover - sensitive and understanding of his partner's feelings. 
He prefers it slow and easy; he won't be your guide to the exotic unknown,
but what he does, he does beautifully. 
This is the guy to go to for long and luxurious oral sex. Stamina? 
This man could wear down a glacier! 

His erogenous zone: gently and slowly kiss and bite the back of his neck. 

Gemini women: 
Often the aggressor; you are never embarrassed by your behavior
because you never adhere to any standards except your own. 
Your main requirement: a lover who knows how to take his time. 
You are a one woman harem, but a partner should be aware that in a
relationship, the gemini woman is looking for a combination of the
spiritual and the physical, the romantic and the practical. You want to 
talk to the guy after you tumble with him! 

Best sex mates are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarians, Libra, and Aries. 

Favorite gadget: the vibrator. 

Gemini men: 
He likes it with the lights on in front of the mirror. He can work any
partner into the mood because he knows exactly how to evoke the right
responses. Oral sex isn't his favorite pastime, but he will take his time
with other preliminaries. Tends to be fast and furious, more concerned
with satisfying himself than his partner, but he is more adequate in areas
of lovemaking that are often neglected by other men. He can tell a woman
exactly what she wants to hear. 

His erogenous zone: move your lips and tongue lightly up his arm. 

Cancer women: 
Will never make the first move, but you can be a marvelous lover for you
are capable of intense sensuality. You will reciprocate passion with a
fervor that will stir his heart and stimulate him to his best performance. 
On your own time, you have a fondness for masturbation. 

Your favorite position: lying prone while your man enters you from behind.

Best sex mates: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. 
You may become a slave to sexual pleasure. 

Cancer men: 
His most surprising technique: intercourse with no hands. He has a need
for constant encouragement and if gotten, he will be a delightful swain. 
Both patient and aggressive, he will often begin somewhere other than the
bad; likes being in command, and is a master at manual clitoral

You'll like the trip as it is as much fun traveling to a place as it is arriving. 

Leo women: 
Sleek, lascivious, enticing and lazy! Whatever Leo wants, Leo gets! 
Intensely responsive and there are bed-partners who have scars to prove
Your need to show off leads you to prefer the top where he can look up
and admire the beauty of your body. 

Best sex mates: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries. 

Your sexual wardrobe: full of wispy cut-out bras and panties! 

Leo men: 
Simply brushes aside rules and conventions. One important rule to 
remember about him: NEVER tease. His endurance is remarkable and he
has a great appetite for making love. He likes women in the submissive
position and oral sex is okay only when he can give and receive. 
He likes a woman to show how much she is enjoying it. 

His erogenous zone: his back is particularly vulnerable. 

Virgo women: 
You have no illusions about sex and wish everyone would stop magnifying
its importance. Prefer men who will wait for the relationship to develop to
the point where sex is inevitable. 
You love mutual masturbation and enjoy a little punishment, and your
grace and modesty is a great turn on. You become an artist at pleasing
your lover. 

Favorite kink: can't truly enjoy it unless a third party is present. 

Best sex mates: Gemini, Cancer and Aquarians. 

Virgo men: 
Too shy to make an overture, but when the moment arrives, you had
better be prepared for him to bring his pajamas, shaving equipment, and
toothbrush. He likes to talk about how you like it and having talked about
it, he will key in on the right erotic response. Don't expect imagination,
but he is a hard worker and is open to suggestion. 

His secret life: can be obsessed with pornography. 

Erogenous zone: his buttocks. 

Libra women: 
Drama is the key word - you set the stage for sex. Intensely feminine and
an instinctive exhibitionist. You feel your body was made to be seen and
admired. Feel that seduction is an art, not an assault. When approached
the right way, you find it easy to say yes to almost anything. 
Unusual control of vaginal muscles. 

Best sex mates: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. 

Like any position where your buttocks are exposed. 

Libra men: 
Looks for the whole experience, not just a tumble between the sheets. 
Has a definite kinky side, a voyeur and fond of the menage a trois. 
He has the patience needed to satisfy. He likes women who dress well and
have long hair. If a woman's clothes look as though they are easily
removed, he finds her hard to ignore. 

Erogenous zone: back and buttocks, especially the feel of erect nipples
against either of them! 

Scorpio women:
Inquisitive, searching, and experimental. Knows that eroticism consists of
more than the physical act of lovemaking. While looking like a perfect lady
in public, you dress and behave like a whore in the bedroom. 
Control of the orgasm is very important and will try anything to help your
man maintain his potency. You never take no for an answer and when
interested in someone, you will pursue him with determination and guile. 

Best sex mates: Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. 

Props you love: scented body oils, flavored lubricating gels, and vibrators.

Scorpio men: 
A lustful, sexy animal. Enjoys biting and sucking and is a master of oral
sex. Inflicting pain turns him on so he may pinch at nipples or the insides
of thighs. Likes it in the water, but his kink is 
that he prefers wood tables and hard floors to satin and silk. 

His erogenous zone is his genitalia. 

Sagittarius women: 
You like the outdoors - freaking out if you are in a tent, camper, or on the
beach. You enjoy sex, but you don't like to prolong the preliminaries and
want to start the main show as soon as possible. 
Like to tease your partner to the point of losing control. You don't mind if
your man comes too quickly - you are a generous and accepting lover. 

Best sex mates: Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. 

Your sexual wardrobe will consist of accessories -gloves and shoes! 

Sagittarius men: 
Sex is rarely an intense experience with him - he often comes too quickly,
but he'll be the first to try a new position. He is the master of erotic
massage - both oral and manual. His tongue can be a wicked instrument
and when combined with his lips, creates an explosive effect! 

Erogenous zones: hips and thighs. And he likes to look at a woman's calves
and thighs, and likes to have sex with a woman in stockings. 

Capricorn women: 
Don't need much foreplay - you go from zero to WOW in nothing flat! 
Not interested in exotic variation; only staying in power. Since you like to
dominate, you like to be astride your man, set a rhythm, and please
yourself. Once into the rhythm, lovemaking becomes a wild contest with
orgasm as the prize and you can depend on getting there more than 
once. Also a scratcher and a screamer. 

Best sex mates: Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. 

Capricorn men:
Sex evokes the best he can offer. He is a planner and a schemer 
(that is a schemer, not a screamer!). Prefers a woman who knows what he 
enjoys, and he expects her to be willing and ready whenever he wants her. 
Has the stamina of a marathon runner. Here is the man who will hold off 
until you are ready to scream! 

Erogenous zone: a massage that starts at the lower back and gently
strokes upward along the sides of his spine. 

Aquarius women: 
A slow starter, you idealize love and encompass it with tenderness. 
Once aroused though, anything goes! Extremely imaginative and likes 
trying new things. There is nothing in any sex manual that you won't try. 
Belief that anything that increases the pleasure for your partner is

Best sex mates: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo. 

Favorite sex position: standing up, and in water. 

Aquarius men: 
Never treats a woman like a sex object and prefers a variety of foreplay
before getting down to it. May have be to revved up, but once his engine is
started, he is free and inventive with amazing persistence. He will always
see you through to climax. A woman who knows what she wants will be
very happy. He usually ensures an orgasm twice - once orally and once

Erogenous zones: gently touching the calves and ankles will get him going 
Be careful though -a kinky Aquarian can be a sadist who doesn't like to be

Pisces women: 
Always make the right moves, say the right things, and creates the right
ambiance. You are sexually liberated and enjoy a wide range of eroticism. 
If his fantasies coincide with yours, the action can really get torrid! 
You seldom say no to anything your lover suggests! 
Loves soft candelites, warm fireplaces, mystery, 
applies Romanticism in all she does. 
A true romantic at heart. 

Favorite places: in a waterbed or hot tub 
Best sex mates: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces. 

Pisces men: 
Takes the lead in lovemaking and impatient if he doesn't get a swift
response. Indifferent to sexual restrictions, both moral and legal; 
prefers a partner with a tremendous sexual craving to match his own. 
A Master at foreplay and Oral sex , you should expect 
several orgasms orally before he gets down to the main event . 
Pisces men have tremendous endurance so be prepared. 
Likes sex in a chair. 
He likes to be submissive. Becomes an addict to anything that will give pleasure and

Erogenous zone: massaging and caressing his feet. 


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