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All-Natural Super Premium Canine Health Food

All-Natural Ingredients
Oven-Baked for Optimum Nutrition

Why Oven-Baked Kibble?

Flint River Ranch's Cannine Recipes are twice OVEN-BAKED under carefully controlled conditions and proper temperatures - resulting in a more nutritious, digestible, and palatable food. So while other dog foods are pressurized at high temperatures and puffed full of air, the Flint River Ranch recipe is slowly oven-baked to bring out all the natural goodness and flavors.

Oven-baking changes hard to digest molecules of "raw" starches into easy to digest dextrins, which are then readily absorbed into your dog’s system. The secret to good nutrition is not how many nutrients are present in a dog’s food, but rather, how readily available and efficiently they can be digested. The nutrients in Flint River Ranch are actually better utilized by your dog’s body than the nutrients in most ordinary dog foods.
Yes, it takes a little longer and it is slightly more expensive to make dog food this way, but at Flint River Ranch we are convinced that it's a better way to make your dog's food.

Because Flint River Ranch's oven-baked kibble is highly dense, your dog will eat 20%-25% less than ordinary foods. Flint River Ranch Premium Foods deliver maximum nutrition without fillers! The results: lower stool volume and less clean-up.


The Flint River Ranch is specially formulated to provide the optimum balance of proteins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help supply your dog with energy, maintain healthy skin and coat, and help build strong teeth and bones.

The Flint River Ranch recipe is made with human-grade chicken and lamb along with wholesome grains. These highly digestible protein and carbohydrate sources enable your dog to absorb more of the important nutrients needed to keep him in optimal health and vitality.


Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Dog formula is made with rice and wheat. Ordinary dog foods are made with corn. Rice and wheat are easier to digest than corn - giving your dog a more nutritious and less stressful meal. Flint River Ranch uses various selected parts of the wheat berry along with whole wheat flour because wheat is one of the most nutritionally balanced grains. Wheat is an easy to digest source of carbohydrates, fiber, and energy. The combination of wheat and rice provides better nutrition than ordinary single grain foods.

The Flint River Ranch unique oven-baking process acts as "pre-digest" of the kibble food, resulting in less strain on the dog's digestive system and produces a greater degree of food absorption. A dog's intestinal tract is short; it functions in the the most efficient manner when the food is concentrated and can be quickly digested. The important vitamins, minerals, and food ingredients are then easily assimilated into the dog's digestive system.


The proper blending of natural ingredients creates a great taste that dogs eagerly accept. Flint River Ranch has no sprayed-on additives or greasy coating to make the taste acceptable to the dog. Ordinary dog foods are extruded under high pressure and extreme temperatures (causing them to be puffed up with air) and then sprayed with fat and other products to encourage dogs to eat. Dogs naturally love the great taste of Flint River Ranch!!

Natural Preservatives

Only pure natural preservatives are used in Flint River Ranch dog foods: Vitamin E (natural mixed tocopherols) and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are antioxidants which naturally preserve and protect the quality of the food.

Chicken Meal
Chicken meal is simply fresh, human quality chicken meat, with the water and fat removed. It’s the same wholesome chicken parts you serve to your family. Which means your dog gets all the vitamins, minerals and other high performance nutrients you would expect from chicken. By making chicken meal the first ingredient in Flint River Ranch, we’re offering your dog the maximum level of nutrition in every bowl.

No Chemical Preservatives

NO Ethoxyquin



No By-Products

NO Poultry By-Products — non-rendered, clean parts, such as heads, feet, and guts.

NO Meat By-Products — the non-rendered, clean parts, OTHER THAN MEAT, derived from slaughtered animals such as lungs, spleen, kidneys and other guts.

NO Poultry or Chicken Digest — This is the process of subjecting poultry or chicken parts to prolonged heat and moisture, or to chemicals or enzymes with a resultant change of decomposition of the physical or chemical nature of the parts.

NO Meat MealThis mystery meat can be made of cattle, swine, sheep, and/or goats.

No Cheap Fillers

NO Peanut Hulls

NO Brewers Rice — the small fragments of rice kernels that
have been separated from the larger kernels of milled rice.

NO Soybeans — the # 1 allergen of dogs

NO Corn — the # 3 allergen of dogs

NO Corn Gluten Meal — This is the dried residue from corn left-over
when corn starch or corn syrup is manufactured.

No Artificial Flavors or Colors

The ingredients used in Flint River Ranch all-natural super premium canine health food are carefully selected to assure that they are free of artificial colors and flavorings.

Nutritionally Complete

According to AAFCO's (American Association of Feed Control Officials) Nutrient Profiles for Canine Foods, Flint River Ranch Puppy/Adult Premium Food is nutritionally complete and balanced for ALL stages of your dog’s life.

Chelated Minerals

Chelation is a process that helps the body absorb minerals more easily. When a mineral is chelated, it is "wrapped" with an amino acid. Unlike minerals, amino acids are easily absorbed by the body. During the process of absorbing the amino acid, the body absorbs the mineral as well. The absorption rate of chelated minerals can be as much as eight times greater than non-chelated minerals.

Chelation is an expensive process used by only a few pet food manufacturers. Flint River Ranch we feels that your pet is worth the expense of chelation. All Flint River Ranch health food formulas contain chelated minerals.

Flint River Ranch = Highly digestible and palatable foods that meet or exceed all of the nutritional requirements for the continuing good health of your companion animal.

a warm healthy meal for dogs
REAL CHICKEN -- Not By-Products
A superior blend of the healthiest, all-natural ingredients, vitamins, chelated minerals and "live" enzymes.....formulated to help your pet's body gain optimum health.

guarante.gif (7356 bytes) Because Flint River Ranch is made with time-honored traditions of freshness, quality, and nutrition, and because we think you (and your dog) will agree that Flint River Ranch is the healthiest dog food in the world, we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. FLINT RIVER RANCH guarantees your complete PRODUCT SATISFACTION or return the unused portion within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund of your purchase price in full.


Show your dog you love him/her. Take two clean bowls. Place your regular dog food in one and the Flint River Ranch food in the other and watch what happens.


More FRR dog food information!

Weight Suggested Amount
10-15 lbs .60 to 1.0 Cup
20-30 lbs 1.0 to 1.5 Cups
40-50 lbs 2.0 to 2.2 Cups
60-70 lbs 2.5 to 3.2 Cups
80-90 lbs 3.5 to 4.2 Cups
100 lbs 4.0 to 5.0 Cups
Dogs of different breeds, temperament, and physical condition utilize foods with different degrees of effectiveness. These suggested feeding levels will vary with individual dogs in different environments and stress conditions.

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