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Site news:

And some fan art of my favorite show Radiskull And DevilDoll

a comic "corner" I dont know what to call it

Floating banana, don't look...tic toc...

the crew page is now just missing some pictures

the 3-d cow pictures should be up soon

the crew is goin full strength meaning its almost complete

the pictures page is back

once again another page added to the collection "the REAL one"

i have a top news page with like articals and stuff on it.

come i have a guest book goin and a poll do somethin!

ha soon this will be a picture filled site, i love it it gets eviler and eviler

bart has explained his life ,under bart.

somethin in the done file

the story is up and for now learn somethin

the letter g is rollin not what you think look.

what hes done is up but empty ...see what I mean

some links but not many check them out anyway

give me some time alright!

crew page is good but thats it

the pit is there

other links are coming slowly along

Evil StressCow site up and running.

working... lalalalalala

jimminy crickets

This is a site about my good friend EvilStressCow and all his "friends". Now you might say to yourself what an idiot although i cant prove you wrong on that one and can say what are you looking at Jerkness but anywhooo, stress just wants to become naked and famous. True he has the first one but he still wants some fame. i guess i should put my e-,ail some where on this page here

News eh:

3/29/01-For cryin out loud. You most likely noticed that I'm not updating much well there isn't much to update and I will be starting a diffrent page then for my other such stuff since this site is almost complete with what i want. I am just using this for transfering my art to my brother at college for his nifty Site

2/16/o1-An update whats that?ok lay off man I've been working on an animation with micromedia flash. I did have some time to ad to things the Comic "corner" and a fan art section of my favorite animation/show Radiskull and DevilDoll! yeah Kick IT!...

2/6/01-Ok so I'm still a little down with a cold but yeah well. Tring to lighten the Evil I added the Floating Banana page to the many. I wont tell you much more about it because 1. I'm too lazzy 2...

2/3/01-Hey I'm not out of it just yet, but I decided to make my site a little more presentible. So I'm not going to be lazzy as much and type it nice and fix my old crap. You know what, I bet it was Evil Stresscow that got me sick...Evil yes!

2/1/01-Hey it's the first of the month and time for some news. I am sick, I don't know, I just felt like pointing that out, that is also why there won't be any updates today or news. but once I getback on trak I will be ready to do a lot, have fun...

1/30/01-You remmber when I had the pictures page in the begining, most likely not but I did, well its back, check out all your favorite pictures. There have fun with it. Oh and Evil Stresscow has been cleared for take off to go down under. I'll tell ya when he does accually leave but he is packing his stuff(nothin)...

1/27/01-I dont know, I felt like putting some site news here ok that ok with you? Well too bad! ok I have made a new section it's the "REAL Evilstresscow". Yes I know you all love the cartoon evil stresscow but I figured the real Evil stresscow gets some credit you can find him at the new section. Oh and there are pictures of me holding the little butthead too...

1/22/01-Evil Stress Cow is finally going to become Famous, he might be able to make a trip down to see the land they call West Australia... And since he does not like plane rides or boat rides he will become very stressed out, yeah!! Meaning more Evil heh heh.! Maybe...thanks to the folks at I'm just glad to see I'm not the only sick and twisted one out there...

1/20/01-Yes in the pit stress cow figured it was getting to lively down there so he hired an activities director...EEVVIILL!! so once a week he will come up with new fun to do...really fun... go in and check em' out.

1/19/01-Oh yeah Evil StressCow is proud, mini stress cow is officially evil, she may not look it but man-o-man she uses her cuteness as evil. Yeah man yeah eat that...!

1/18/01-This just in Bart has left the building and has left evilstress cow in charge untill he every one say sweeeeeeet, go stress cow, go stress cow, go, go, go stress cow. alright I'm good...

1/18/01-Whoa doggy its been a while and nothin really to show for it. If there is anyone that ever visits my site and reads this I'm sorry for no updates. I had finals(not like i studied or anythin gee wiz) Alright enough excuses. Time to role I'm slowly but surely getting stuff done eh...hope for the best...

1/04/01-Yes, it's poooollllll timmmee yippppeeeee time to gittyuppp...o yeah no new news really...

1/3/01-Yes yes I know...wait I dont...? But enough with that I am here to anounce somethin very important, it being evilstress cow has officially become the leading stressed here after the weak and febal but evil none the less evil stresscow has retiered his crown to evilstress cow. ::and they all rejoyced::...yeahh yea yeahh...

1/1/01-Yes, another update on the new years day it seems that although evil stress head (other known as stress head)has anounced his retirement and stress potato who is closely linked to stress head will spend his time caring for the old sap.
P.S. and oh yeah I am also working on a movie to have on my site staring evilstress cow, it will be a while though...

1/1/01-Ooooww boy the new year isnt that neat, but anywhoo an update on the population of stresses: A mini stress cow was found down by the river(or maybe in a bag-o-fun stressin out) she must of wondered in here some how. She doesn't look too evil maybe because she is young but you know evil is evil. More to come...

12/28/00-Stress Cow has now been baned from Cuba for the act of tryin' to steal Castro's cigars and kid-naping "Elian". How much more of this can Evil stress cow take he is wanted dead in australia for drinking foster's beer' (australian for beer' my butt). And he bombed Pural Harber wait that wasn't him never mind. Ok I guess I'm done then eh...

12/25/00-This just in Bart the Master of evil and the Evilest of them all has reached a new level he is now able to call upon the evil but lazzy mystery hand from the depths of eeeevil to do his bidding. muwahahahahaha. Frightining eh. And of coures the hand has gone straight to his plan. Well muwahahahahaa again...

alright then more to come then eh.


Look at what you've DONE!
Conquer the world!

How bout it how bout
a nice comic for the time being?

Yes indeed a funny Dilbert Comic
I found to be hilarious!
I'll change comics every once
and a while, anywhoo on with
the show.
Dilbert eh?