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The following links provide various resources such as document collections, news sources, and various reports which may be useful to contributors and other visitors to the Essay and Commentary on Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues site. If any of the following links are discovered to be no longer valid, please send a note to that effect to the staff via the contact page.

Research Resources

Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ)
"Founded in 1990, the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territories and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources.
The Institute works specifically to augment the local stock of scientific and technical knowledge and to introduce and devise more efficient methods of resource utilisation and conservation, improved practices, and appropriate technology.

Avalon Project at Yale Law School, Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy
An enormous compilation of historical documents placed online by Yale Law School. Covering documents from before the eighteenth century to the present. Most significant treaties and international agreements are included. In English.
--- The Avalon Collection “Palestine 1916-2001, A Documentary Record”
--- Contains several hundred general documents, including a great deal of documentation stemming from the 1993 Oslo Accords such as the various peace treaties between Israel and its neighbors and major documents between Israel and Occupied Palestine.

Birzeit University Center for Reseach & Documentation of Palestinian Society
A wealth of information including a very detailed review of Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948 and the Dier Yassin massacre.

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy
An American based pro-democratic Islamic non-profit organization presented selected articles in English online.

E-Editions by the University of California Press
The Middle East Studies section of E-Editions, complete books placed online and free to access

Foundation for Middle East Peace
The site presents a number of detailed reports pertaining to Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestine.

International Committee of the Red Cross
The world's leading guardian of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions. An exhaustive site with a wealth of information regarding international humanitarian law, uses and applications, as well as circumstance specific reports and information.

International Observatory for Palestinian Affairs
An extensive site in French, English and Arabic, providing detailed information on various Palestinian issues, especially concerning the refugees.

Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information
Assorted papers, articles, and other resources pertaining to Israel and Palestine

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A very large website including selected Israeli legislation, court decisions, position papers, reports and other material sanctioned by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In English and Hebrew.

The Jewish Agency for Israel - Department for Jewish Zionist Education
A very large site providing comprehensive information about Zionism, immigration to Israel and relations between Israel and Diaspora from an orthodox Zionist perspective.

LAW - The Palestinian Society for Protection of Human Rights and the Environment
An extensive site providing a wealth of information on various Israeli practices largely from the perspective of international law.

Miftah - The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy
An enormous website containing a wealth of information operated by Palestinian pro-democracy activists in Occupied Al Quds (Jerusalem).

Al Multaqa - Arab Thought Forum
A Palestinian think tank dedicated primarily to Palestinian issues and concerns based in Occupied Al Quds (Jerusalem). In English

Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics
Official Statistical Bureau of the Palestine National Authority, including the 1997 census, economic statistics, and so on.

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA)
Palestinian academic institution concerned with Palestinian Issues

Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
Online editions of their very detailed MAS Economic Monitor, providing detailed economic data regarding Palestine

Palestine National Authority - Homepage and
Gateway to various ministries and other government sites

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR)
An exhaustive collection of international treaties and conventions comprising the bulk of modern international humanitarian law along with signature and ratification data. In English, French and Spanish.

United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine (UNISPAL)
An exhaustive collection of United Nations documents pertaining to the Palestine question. Also includes some League of Nations and British documents from the Palestine mandate. In English and Spanish.

United Nations Official Homepage
Official homepage of the United Nations, roviding a multitude of links relating to various as aspects of international governance, law, and perspectives on Middle Eastern issues.

"United States and the Search for Peace in the Middle East"
An extensive collection of documents from and about the Israel/Palestine peace process from Camp David to the present. Provided by the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

United States Department of State Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, 1993- Present.
Detailed Human Rights reports by country compiled by the US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. In English.

News Sources

Al-Ahram Weekly
Egyptian weekly newspaper in English.

Ali Abunimah
An independent media watch project monitoring and countering anti-Arab, Islamaphobic, and anti-Palestinian reporting and bigotry in the American media

Alternative Information Center
"The AIC is a Palestinian-Israeli organization which disseminates information, research and political analysis on Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while promoting cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis based on the values of social justice, solidarity and community involvement."

Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN)
Pro-Arab perspective news in both English and Arabic, including articles by leading scholars and commentators on the current situation

General news from the Arabic world in English

"Ariga now mainly carries information from pro-peace and human rights groups in Israel and Palestine. It is an open platform, unaffiliated with any specific group, solely edited by Robert Rosenberg."

The Cairo Times
Egypt’s premier English language news magazine, released twice weekly.

Commentary Magazine
Strongly pro-Israel American magazine presenting selected articles in English online.

The Daily Star
A daily Lebanese newspaper in English.

The Forward
A weekly Jewish magazine published in New York, strongly supportive of Israel. In English and Yiddish.

Green Screen News, News Library for the Middle East and Israel
A continuously updated collection of news articles regarding the Middle East and extensive archive collection. Primary contributors are Reuters, Associated Press, Jerusalem post and Ha’aretz. Other news agencies are also represented to a lesser degree. In English.

Ha’aretz Daily Newspaper
Leading Israeli newspaper with a generally more liberal slant. In English and Hebrew.

The Independent Limited, Middle East section
Leading daily British newspaper. In English

Jerusalem Media & Communication Centre (JMCC)
Resources primarily concerned with recent media reports but also including more detailed reports on specific issues pertaining to the Israel-Palestine situation

The Jerusalem Report
An Israeli daily news magazine in English

The Jordan Times
A daily Jordanian newspaper in English

Journal of Palestine Studies Online
Includes a number of selected articles presented online in English.

Al-Manar Television
Daily news in both English and Arabic from Lebanon. The channel is sympathetic with the Islamic resistance both in Lebanon and Occupied Palestine.

Middle East Insight Magazine
A bi-monthly magazine in English

Mid-East Realities Magazine
Independent news source covering most Middle East related issues and providing otherwise difficult to find information and stories.

The New York Times
New York daily newspaper in English.

New York Times Review of Books Online
Archive of selected New York Times Book reviews online

Palestine Information Network
Daily news and headlines, including special sections relating Hamas and the Islamic resistance in Occupied Palestine. In English, French, Russian, Malawi, and Arabic

Palestine Internet News Center
Palestinian daily news in both English and Arabic

Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture
A joint Israeli-Palestinian scholarly journal dealing with Israel/Palestine issues with selected articles online

Palestine Media Watch
A professional media watch organization challenging pro-Israel bias and Zionist misinformation in English media sources

Palestine Report Online
Palestinian news in English

The Palestine Times
A monthly English language Palestinian magazine

Redress Information & Analysis
A British based left leaning news source providing news, issue papers, and editorial on contemporary international issues.

WAFA – Palestine News Agency
Official news network of the Palestine National Authority, in English, Hebrew, and Arabic

The Washington Post, Middle East Section
Daily news from the Washington post in English.

Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs
The US English language monthly magazine presenting news sympathetic to Palestine. Also covers other parts of the Middle East.

ZNET Mideast Watch
Detailed stories and analysis from ZNet.

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