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Wills and Court Records

5 APRIL 1809
Will Book 1 pp. 56-57


In the name of God Amen, I HENRY SKAGGS of the County of Green and state of Kentucky do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (To wit) I leave all my Estate both real and personal to my beloved Wife to be enjoyed by her during her life, and after her death, the tract of Land wher on I now live I give to my Grand son JOHN SKAGGS son of JAMES SKAGGS; my Negro man Bob I give to my son DAVID SKAGGS; my negro woman Lucy I give to SYLVIA ROARK; I give to my Daughter SARAH SKAGGS a negro girl Rachel; I give to my son JAMES SKAGGS the rest of my negroes, jinney, and all her Children except (Rachel) and her further increase should she have any during either my life time or the lifetime of my Wife. The ballance of my Estate is to be sold, and I give one Dollar to STEPHEN SKAGGS, the Ballance to be equally divided amongst my Children hereafter named, SOLOMON SKAGGS, LUCY STACY, RACHEL RAY, NANCY D SPANE, POLLY COMBS what I have here left to each of my Children is in addition to what I have heretofore given Lastly I do appoint my son JAMES SKAGGS and ELIAS BARBEE Executors to this my last Will Revoking all others heretofore made by me. In testamony where of I here unto set my hand and seal this fifth day of April in the year of our Lord 1809.

HENRY SKAGGS (mark) (seal) Signed, sealed and puplished in the presence of

At a County Court held for Green County on the 4th Monday in december 1810. This will was produced into Court and proven by the oath off LARKIN DURRET, JAMES RAFFIRTY and JOHN BARBEE and ordered to be recorded which is done accordingly by

1 June 1832
In the name of God Amen. I ARCHIBALD SKAGGS, Senr. of Adair County & State of Kentucky being weak in body but of sound sense & do publish this my last will and Testament in the manner following first it is my desire that my beloved Wife BARBARA SKAGGS live on and occupy the farm where she now lives during her natural life also to possess all my estate both real & personal during her life time. I desire to be sold after my decease so much of my personal property as will pay my just debts also my sons CHARLES and ARCHIBALD to occupy the land they now live on and my son THOMAS to live with and take care of his mother as long as she lives & keep all my property together & after her death I want the land to be Equally divided between my three sons (viz) CHALES ARCHIBALD & THOMAS SKAGGS to be divided in such a manner as for each one to possess the same land he now Occupys. THOMAS to have his part where his Mother lives including house spring orchard &c I wish the negroes to remain in the possession of my wife duering her life time and at her death I want Sam to be liberated and Made free I want Delph and her & her increase to be given to my daughters RACHEL & MALINDA Equally Between the two & if one of them die without an heir the sd. Delph & increase is to be the property of the surviving one to my son THOMAS my Daughters RACHEL & MALINDA to Each one I give one bed & furniture one cow & calf to Each I give to my son THOMAS one Bay horse caled Bluster, also the Bluster filly I give to my Daughter RACHEL one gray mare I give to my Daughter MELINDA Comets colt which property they are to receive now to LEWIS TOMLIN I give one sorrel colt which he is to have when he becomes twenty one years old And after that if he remains with his Grandmother I wish him to have one bed & furniture and receive some part of the crop for his servises after the death of my wife it is my desire for all my remaining property such as stock, farming tools, house hold furniture &c to be sold and the money Equally Divided among all my children I also confirm the gift to DANIEL HEISTON; Heir ELIZA HASTON of one Dollar it is my desire that after the death of my wife the negro boy named George shall be the property of my son THOMAS to be possessed by him for him any use benefit in consequence of his paying ninety Dollars which I owe to DANIEL HASTON heirs and all other just debts due from me I appoint THOMAS H. GAINES, my sons CHARLES & THOMAS SKAGGS Executors to this my last will and Testament In witness whereof I have this 1st day of June 1832 set my hand and seal. ARCHIBALD SKAGGS
State of Kentucky & Adair County Sct.
At a County Court began & held for the said County the Courthouse in Columbia on Monday the 6th day of May 1833 This last will & Testament of ARCHIBALD SKAGGS dec=92d. was produced in Court and proven in due form of law by the oaths of MEIT HAMILTON & JAMES A. RICHARDSON subscribeing witneses there to and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of CHARLES SKAGGS & THOMAS SKAGGS two of the Executors therein named the execution of the said will was granted them they having taken the oath required by law & executed & acknowledged bond in the final sum of two thousand Eight hundred Dollars with THOMAS H. GAINES & WILLIAM H TINSLEY their securities conditioned as the law directs.
Will Book 1 pp. 137-139
In the Name of god amen, I CHARLES SKAGGS Citizen of Green County, Kentucky considering the Mortality of human Nature and that it was appointed for all men once to die and after committing my body to the ground and my soul to god who gave it, I make and constitute this instrument of writing whereunto my name is subscribed to be my last will and testament, revoking all others. In primis, all my debts of which there is but few, and none of Magnitude, are to be paid, and then whatever there remains I will and bequeath in the following manner that is to say first my wish and desire is that my beloved wife LUCY SKAGGS shall have the use and profit of my whole estate Real and personal during her Natural life except such parts as I shall hereafter mention, that is to say the part of the land and plantation whereon I now live, and whereon my son MOSES SKAGGS Now lives, on the South side of the branch for him to have the use and benefit of that previous to the decease of his Mother, and at her decease to have the hold of the land the reason of my doing this is because he paid a greater part of the price that we gave for the land, though the deed was made to me. And at the decease of my wife; my desire is to have the whole of the land.

Item first I will and bequeath to my beloved son ARCHIBALD SKAGGS a negro girl called SuSanna. Item I will and bequeath to my beloved daughter RACHEL BLEVEN=92S heirs one dollar. Item to my beloved daughter NANCY MEREDITH an equal part part of my estate except such parts as I have before mentioned and shall hereafter mention. Item I will and bequeath, to my beloved son FREDERICK SKAGGS I will and bequeath to him his equal part, among the other Children except such parts as is before and hereafter shall be mentioned. Item to my beloved daughter POLLY GRAY I will and bequeath to her heirs one dollar. Item to my beloved daughter SALLY ROBERTSON, I will and bequeath an equal part with the others except the parts before and hereafter will be mentioned. Item to my beloved son THOMAS SKAGGS I will and bequeath my Negro boy called Bob and an equal part with the other Children of the property before mentioned and my said son THOMAS SKAGGS I will to be the executor to my whole estate. Item to my beloved son MOSES SKAGGS I will bequeath my Negro man called Sepio and a rifle gun called Sepios gun together with a equal part of the property not mentioned. Item to TEMPY BELCHER, wife to BERRY BELCHER I will and bequeath to her a filly called the reggie muffin to be hers immediately after my death. Item to NATHAN BLEVIN I will and bequeath two [word crossed out] colts, one called Jolly and the other Tody.
In witness of which I have hereunto set my hand this ninth day of February in the year of Christ one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.

At a County Court, held for Green County at the Courthouse in Greensburgh on the 22nd day of January 1816. The within will of CHARLES SKAGGS Dec'd was produced in Court and proven by the oath of WILLIAM G. OWENS, ZACHERIAH NANCE and NATHANIEL OWENS subscribing witnesses to said will, and that they believed him at the time of executing the same to be in his perfect mind and memory and the same was ordered to be recorded which is done accordingly. Given under my hand this 28th day of March 1816.


Last will and Testament Henry County Ind.
Will record A pg. 43-46

In the name of God, Amen, this is to be my last Will and Testament and I want in the first place for my debts to be paid and I give and bequeath to my wife Margaret Skaggs, a thrid part of the eighty acres of land that I now live on the third part of said land during her life and I also give her the mare that I now own and two cows and one bed and bed cloths, and all the house and kitchen furniture and I also give and bequeath to my oldest son Samuel Skaggs, the east half of the south west quater of section twenty five in township Seventeen South of range eleven east, and I also give and bequeath unto my third son John Skaggs one hundread dollars nest fall, and I give and bequeath to my forth son Zebulon Skaggs one hurdred dollars nest fall, come year and I give and bequeath to my fifth son Michael Skaggs one hundred dollars next fall come year, and I give and bequeath to my next son Andrew Skaggs, the eighty acres of land that I now live on, with exception of his mother's third for her life time. but after her death the whole eighty acres is to belong to Andrew, my second son James, I give him fifty acres of land in Virginia for his hundred dollars. I give and bequeat to my daughter Polly one dollar. and I give and bequeath to my daughter Delia Skaggs fofty dollars against the twenty fifth of December in the year eighteeen hundred and thirty two. and I give and bequeath to my daughter Jane Skaggs fifty dollars against the 25th of december eighteen hunrdred and thirty two, And I give and bequeath to my daughter Cinderilla Skaggs fifty dollars against the twenty fifth of december in the year eighteen hundred and thirty two. And there is one hundred and fifty dollars and senvety nine cents that is due in the year eighteen hundred and thirty three, that I want my wife Margaret Skaggs to have to do as she thinks proper except fifty dollars and that I want her to give to my son Michael Skaggs, And I do hereby appoint Robert Thompson ,Austin Hammer and Michael Skaggs, adminmistrators of my Will and Testiment this the 16th of October in the year of our Lord 1829 his Witnesses
Michael Swope
David Norton

Joseph x Skaggs

WILLIAM (Polly) SKAGGS, W2182, BLWT 27564-160-55

Ancestor's Name: WILLIAM SKAGGS
Wife's Name (1) MARY SIMPSON

Date of Birth 12/20/1757 NC
Date of Death 8/20/1848 KY
State of Service VA

William (Polly) Skaggs, W2182, BLWT 27564-160-55

August 23, 1832, Green County, Kentucky, William Skaggs, resident of said county, aged 75 years born (b. 1757) stated that he entered the service of the United States under the following officers and served as herein stated.

In 1778 in the month of March he was called and entered the service as an Indian Spy and continued to serve until the last of October or the first of November in the same year. He entered into the service in the State of Virginia, the name of the county not now recollected, but it was near the head of the Clinch River in the company commanded by Captain Thomas Mastin. While in service he and Thomas Ray were allotted to scout as spies in the boundary laid off commencing at the head of the Clinch River and extending to the "Big Cain brake" on Big Sandy River, a distance of about twenty-five miles. It was made their duty to go about one mile below the cane brake for the purpose of meeting two other spies. On one excursion as they were proceeding from the head of the Clinch River to the line (?) of their boundary and on their way they discovered that some Indians had taken up another fork of the Sandy along a "Buffellow" track which led toward the country settled by the whites, so as soon as they made the discovery they turned their course and endeavored to reach the settlement before the Indians so that some efficient means might be effected for the purpose of repelling their invasions. When they reached the settlement they were informed that the Indians had reached some parts of the settlement the night before and attempted to conduct some depredations and that they had attacked the father of said William as he was returning from a neighbor's house and pursued him with such violence that he was compelled to turn and fire, by which he was successful in putting an end to one of his pursuers.

In the spring of 1779, the month not recollected, he enlisted in the Virginia militia in the State of Virginia and near the head of the Clinch River in a company commanded by Captain Mastin in the regiment commanded by Colonel Shelby and served three months. Immediately after his enlistment Colonel Shelby, together with his corps, made a tour by water down to the "Chickemaugy" town on the south side of the Tennessee River which town was entirely settled by the Cherokee Indians, which they invaded, killing many Indians. After they put to flight and destroyed the inhabitants of the place, they put fire to the town and entirely consumed it. When the destruction of the town was completed Captain Bean proposed raising a scouting party for the purpose of searching for some of the inhabitants of the town who had made their escape. Some thirty soldiers joined Bean, among whom was WILLIAM SKAGGS. They left the main army and marched a north course across the Cumberland Mountains. Shortly after they had crossed the mountains they discovered an encampment of the Indians which they immediately invated and three of the Indians and took three prisoners. In that attack he had the good fortune to take a squaw as a prisoner. After this success they marched to meet the main army and fell in with them at their encampment on a small creek. They were marched from there to Powells Valley when owing to the great scarity of provisions, the army was disbanded, and they marched home where they were discharged. He received a written discharge from Captain Mastin which he kept for many years, but it was consumed in the flames of the roof which protected his family in conjunction with all his household property. He had no documentary evidence of his service whatever nor is there any living witness within his knowledge by whom he could establish the same in any part thereof.

William Skaggs was born in 1757 in North Carolina. Charles Blevins, clergyman, of Green County, Kentucky, and Samuel Brent, resident of the same, certified that they were acquainted with William Skaggs, who was a soldier of the Revolution.

March 10, 1853, Green County, Kentucky, Mrs. Polly Skaggs, resident of said county, 80 years old, (1773) stated that she was the widow of William Skaggs, deceased, who was a pensioner of the Revolutionary War. He resided in Green County for a number of years and up to the time he died. After his death she drew a fraction of a pension which was due from the last semi-annual draw to the time he died. The fact of the death and the time of death of Skaggs and the rate of pension was certified and filed.

She was married to William Skaggs on September 2, 1802, in Green County, Kentucky. Her husband died on the 20th of August 1848. She was still a widow. Because of her age and bodily infirmity she was unable to travel or to attend court to make the declaration.

Green County, Kentucky marriages: September 2, 1802, William Skaggs and Polly Pearce.

March 17, 1855, Green County, Kentucky, Polly Skaggs, widow of William Skaggs, deceased, aged 75 years (1780) (notice the discrepancy in her age), made her application for a pension and was drawing the same from the agency in Louisville. Her certificate is dated May 17, 1853, No. 404. She now applied for bounty land.

William Skaggs of Green County, Kentucky, who was a private in the company of Captain Mastin in the regiment of Colonel Shelby in the Virginia Line for eleven months, was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of $36.66 per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831. Certificate of pension issued August 21, 1833.

Polly Skaggs, widow of William Skaggs, was inscribed on the roll at the rate of $36.66 per annum to commence on February 3, 1853. Certificate of pension issued May 17, 1853.

Deed book 1 Page 5 & 6
Known all men that I, James Skaggs have bargined and sold unto Henry Skaggs, Stephen, and James Skaggs all that tract of land situated on the Brush Creek in Green Co., containing 450 acres being the same tract of parcel of land that was granted by patent from the State of Virginia to me served in the 2nd day of July 1784, which land I will forever defend from me and all manners of persons claiming under me unto them, their heirs and assigns forever, for the sum of 100 pounds to me in hand, the receipt is hereby acknowledged given under my hand and seal the 15th day of Nov. 1793

Signed: James Skaggs
Witness: John Emerson
At a county court helt for Green County the 14 day of Nov. 1793, this indenture was acknowledge by this James Skaggs to be his act and deed and ordered to be recorded. Test: James Allen.

Book 6, page 447

William Skaggs is appointed guardian to the infant heirs of Stephen Skaggs dec'd and also infant heirs of James Skaggs dec'd. it is ordered that Nath. Owens, James Scott & William Barnett be appointed commissioners to divide the land James Skaggs, Senr. ded'd between the sons and daughter of his three sons, Stephen Skaggs, Henry Skaggs, James skaggs, which three sons have departed having rec'd a joint deed from their father for said land this life. It is ordered that said Stephen skaggs dec'd their proportion of said lands and in like manner convey to the sons and daughters of Henry Skaggs dec'd. their proportions and in like mannr to the son and daughters of James Skaggs dec'd their proportion of said land.(why was William Skaggs appointed guardian of these children, this duty most often went to a brother or relation of the dec'd, and is this the William Skaggs that married Mary Simpson and Polly Pierce. Was he a son of this James Skaggs and had so much land he didn't want ! something from his father.)

Deed Book 10 page 251

Oct 20, 1821 Henry Skaggs dec'd, heirs to wit. James, Jeremiah, Stephen and William, William Grayham and Sally his wife, Joseph Skaggs, Nancy Skaggs, and Jane Skaggs (I am not going to write contents) Signed by, James Skaggs, Jane Skaggs, Stephen Skaggs, Jeremiah Skaggs, William O. Skaggs, Joseph Skaggs, William Grayham, Nancy V. Skaggs, all of Hardin Co., KY.

Deed Book 9, page 500

7 May 1861, Green Co., KY This indenture made this 9th day of Oct. 1820 between William Barnet, Nathaniel Owens and James Scott commissioners appointed by the County court of Green Co., for the purpose of dividing a tract of land of 450 acres on Brush Creek, Green Co., KY entered, surveyed, patented in the name of James Skaggs, dec'd (I am not going to write all that is said. I want to name children for the three sons. JAMES SKAGGS, dec'd. to wit: To Matthew Skaggs, James Skaggs, Sally Pepper, Lydia Hoover, Nancy Skaggs, William Skaggs, John Skaggs, Stephen Skaggs, Mary Skaggs, Moses Skaggs, and Lettie Skaggs STEPHEN SKAGGS dec'd to wit: To, Henry Skaggs, James Skaggs, Stephen Skaggs, Polly Stennett, Jane Skaggs, Salley Skaggs, Betsy Skaggs HENRY SKAGGS dec'd to wit: To James Skaggs, Jeremiah Skaggs, Stephen Skaggs, Sally Grayham, Joseph Skaggs, Nancy Skaggs.

>From Green Co. KY Will Records (Will Book 1 w/inventories 1795-1816; Will Book 2 1816-1839; Inventory Book 2 1812-1820) by Barbara Wright:

p. 8: page 56-57, 4/5/1809, Will of Henry Skaggs: wife, estate to go her in her lifetime and after her death, the tract where I now live to go to my grandson, John Skaggs, son of James Skaggs. Negro man, Bab, to my son, David Skaggs; negro woman, Lucy, to Sylvia Roark; negroes, Jinney and all her children, except Rachel to my son, James Skaggs; $1.00 to Stephen Skaggs; balance of estate to stacy (?), Rachel Ray, Nancy D. Spane, Polly Combs; Exec. by son James Skaggs, Elias Barbee and John Barbee; Wit: Elias Barbee, Larken Durret, James Rafity, William Barbee; Proven, 12/4/1810. :

p. 18 (entitled: Inventories): p. 12-16, Sales of property of William Gill, dec'd; personal property, totaled $1052.59; Names mentioned in sales, Charles Brownlee, Andrew Barnet, George Dome, Robert Allen, Edward Bullock, Elisha Roberts, John K. Abney, James Allen, Silas Burks, David Hutcheson, John Robertson, Joseph Srygley, Jacob Caulk, Joseph Dome, Allen M. Wakefield, James Skaggs, Will Brownlee, John Robertson, David Caldwell, Will Russell, Joseph Bates, James Shields, Richard Compton, Arch'd Rhea, Robert Bell, David Waddle, Will McMurtry, Peggy Gill, Thomas Patton, Claibourne Duvall, John Belcher, George Paxton, David Kincaid, Jacob Williamson, Charles Zachary. :

p. 122: page 176-179, 10/13/1815, Inventory of John Ward; Adm. Thomas Skaggs & William Ratliff; Appraisers: John McDonald, John Greenstreet, James Forbis; personal property and stock; debts due estate from: John Ward, John Greenstreet, William Ratliff, Thomas Skaggs, Moses Skaggs, William Morris (Morris has absconded and it is is not known whether it will be collected); Recorded 10/4/1816 by John Barret; Total: $344.20; list of sales: Notes on J. O. Gentry, Alex'r Skaggs, Elijah Allen,; Names mentioned in sales: Thomas Williamson, John Scott, John Scott, Jr., Robert Judd, Joseph O. Gentry, Peter Scott, William Miller, John Strader, Daniel Lasewell, Henry Colgan, Lewis Brewer, Zaddock Dennison, John Atwell, Richard Dennison, Benjamin Dennison, Joseph Banister, John Scott, Sr., John Scott; recorded 10/4/1816 by John Barret. :

p. 125: Page 214-215, 4/25/1817, Inventory of Sarah Skaggs; Adm. James Skaggs; Appraisers: Camuel Combs, John Thrumon, Drury Tompson; qualified by James Scoot on 4/25/1817; recorded 4/28/1818 by John Barret. :

>From Green Co. KY Will Records, Book 3, 1840-1875, by Barbara Wright: :

p. 47-48: Page 176-179, 9/31/1851, Will of Thomas Skaggs; my wife, Elizabeth Skaggs gets a part of the tract and plantation on which I now live as her dower, including the house and personal property. My slave, Timothy about 40 is to live on my plantation for a year after my death, under the direction of Nathan Gooch. Timothy gets 1/2 of his own time for his own benefit for 3 years and the other 1/2 goes to Nathan cooch, for his trouble and expense. Timothy is not to be hired out more than one month at a time unless it is his own choice. He's not to be sent out or hired out of the State of Kentucky after the 3 years, unless it is his will. I will that he be a free man at the end of the 3 years. I will to the orphan children of my son, Thomas Thompson Skaggs, dec'd, 100 acres on which I now live. The land willed to my wife is to be added to it at her death. The children are Nancy Caroliner Skaggs, Alexander Skaggs, James Thomas Skaggs, Mary Skaggs, Rachel Jane Skaggs, Susannah Frances Skaggs. If any of them die, their part goes to the others. One-half of my estate goes to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, viz: Thomas Jefferson Skaggs, son of Moses Skaggs, dec'd, James Fleman Skaggs, Charlotte Reynolds, Thomas Thompson, son of my daughter, Jemimah Biggs, Nancy Caroline Skaggs and James Thomas Skaggs, Lucy Gooch, Thomas Skaggs, son of my son, Elijah Skaggs, William Thomas Buchannon, my great grandson and Ann Mathis. If any of these die, then their part goes to the others. Ther rest of my estate is to be equally divided among my heirs. Exec: Nathan Gooch; Signed: Thomas (x) Skaggs; Attest: William W. McCubbin, Nathan T. McDonald, Silas Greenstreet; produced 10/18/1852 by Nathan Gooch. Proven by Nathan T. McDonald; recorded 11/11/1852 by Robert Marshall. :

p. 66: Page 254-255, not dated; will of John Skaggs: my daughter, Malinda, gets $300, placed in the hands of my brother, William Skaggs for the benefit of Malinda, to be laid out in public lands. The land is to be divided betwee Ottaway and Willis, my sons. Ottawa is to have the upper portion, to be divided as follows: A straight line from the sugar tree to the big road, Moses Atherton's survey ..... up the road to the lane ..... doen the lane to the fort of the creek ..... to Edmund Dezarn's ..... to Wm. Salsman ..... to the Atherton line. Willlis is to have the part from M. Atherton to Skaggs corner near the branch ..... to Moses Atherton, strait with the Skaggs survey .... to the ford in the creek at Matt Skaggs ..... to the beginning. The land on the lower side of the road is to be equally divided between Willis and Ottawa. Signed: John Skaggs; test: D. Terrill and Friend Carter; Produced 5/7/1861 by Dr. J. Terrill; proven by David Ferrill and Friend Carter, who stated that the original will was left in the hands of David Terrill for safekeeping, but was lost. They stated this was the contents of the Will. Recorded 7/25/1861. :

>From Green Co., KY Abstracts of Deed, Book 7, 1814-1817, by Barbara Wright; :

p. 23: DB7, pp 114-115, Green Co., KY 3/16/1815: Charles Skaggs to Moses Skaggs -- 5pounds -- tract on Slash Branch, including the plantation whereon he now lives -- 23 0acres -- upper end of Skaggs Meadow -- corner of William Philpot's survey -- Skaggs line --. Signed: Charles Skaggs; Wit: Berry Belcher, Stephen Skaggs; Green Co. SCT: proven by Berry Belcher and Stephen Skaggs on 6/24/1815; recorded: 6/30/1815 by John Barret, CGC. :

p. 23: DB7, pp 115-116, Green Co., KY 6/24/1815: Lucy Skaggs, wife of Charles Skaggs, relinquishes to Moses Skaggs all her title to a tract of 230 acres -- Skaggs meadow -- corner of William Philpot's survey -- Skaggs line -- the Barren's --. Signed: Lucy (x) Skaggs; Green Co SCT: Relinquishment of dower was on 6/24/1815; recorded 6/30/1815 by John Barret, CGC. :

p. 25: DB7, pp 126-128, Green Co., KY 12/18/1814: Charles Skaggs to William Philpot -- $90 -- 20 acres on Slash Branch of Little Brush Creek -- dividing line between Skagg's and Philpot's old survey. Signed: Charles Skaggs; Wit: Nath'l Owens, Andrew Chaudoin, Wm. Philpot, Jr. Green Co. SCT: Proven 7/24/1815 by Andrew Chaudoin and Wm. Philpot, Jr.; recorded 7/25/11815 by John Barret, CGC. :

p. 27: DB7, pp 137, Green Co. KY 3/7/1815: Charles Skaggs of Green Co. to Moses Skaggs -- a negro man named Less -- $1.00. Signed: Charles Skaggs; Wit: Archibald Skaggs, Wm. Skaggs; Green Co. SCT: proven 8/9/1815 by witnesses and recorded by John Barret, CGC. :

p. 34: DB7, pp 166-167, Green Co. KY 3/5/1815: Charles Skaggs of Green Co. to Archibald Skaggs of Adair Co, KY -- negro girl, Sury, about 14 years of age -- $1.00. Signed: Charles Skaggs; Wit: Nath'l Owens, Wm Skaggs; Green Co. SCT: Bill of sale proven by Wm Skaggs on 8/29/1815 and by Nath'l Owens on 10/12/1815; recorded 10/13/1815 by John Barret, CGC. :

p. 38: DB7, pp 187-188, Green Co. KY 9/29/1815: Allen Montgomery to Francis C. Dickinson -- $210.92 -- tract of land whereon I now live, being 102 acres -- Green River -- Ebenezer Titus -- . Signed: Allen Montgomery, Francis C. Dickinson; Wit: Wm Skaggs, Geo. W. Montgomery; Green Co. SCT: Acknowledged 10/23/1815; recorded 11/1/1815 by John Barrett, CGC. :

p. 11: DB7, pp 53-55, Green Co., KY 11/30/1814: John Lewis of Lincoln Co, Tn to Thomas Skaggs, Sr -- 146 acres in Green Co -- west side of Little Barren -- the Barrens at the head of a hollow on the east side of the dead timber grove on the east side of the spring --. Signed: John Lewis; Wit: John McDonald, Stephen Biggs, James Mathews; Green Co. SCT: acknowledged by John McDonald and James Matthews; recorded 1/23/1815 by John Barrett, CGC. :

p. 50: DB7, p 245, Green Co., KY 3/16/1816: Robert Hood to John Moody -- $360 -- 80 acres on south side of Green River -- Joseph Pointer's southwest corner which was first improved by Andrew Patterson -- Broadhead's line -- William Skagg's first improved by Benjamin Prigmore -- Skaggs -- Henry Hatcher -- Pointer's line -- . Signed: Robert Hood; Green Co. SCT: Acknowledged by Hood; recorded 3/21/1816. :

p. 54: DB7, p 265, Green Co., KY 4/22/1816: Wm Skaggs and wife Mary to Beverly Caldwell -- 38 pounds, 3 shillings -- Caney Fork of Russell's Creek -- 75 acres, part of a military survey granted to Robrt Todd -- Spencer's northeast corner--. Signed: Wm Skaggs, Mary Skaggs; Green Co SCT: Acknowledged on 4/22/1816; recorded 4/25/1816 by George T. Wood, DC. :

p. 82: DB7, p 402, Green Co., KY 9/25/1816: Solomon Skaggs & Rhoda Skaggs to Jesse Roberts -- $312 in horses, not to exceed 8 years old -- 79.5 acres -- north fork of Pitman Creek, a part of Henry Skaggs settlement of 400 acres -- corner to Reuben Roark -- James Skaggs --. Signed: Solomon Skaggs; Wit: Wm Jones, Chettester Underwood, and Wm Crabtree; Green Co SCT: Acknowledged 9/26/1816 by Skaggs; recorded 12/20/1816 by Hiram S. Emerson, DC. :

p. 86: DB7, p 421, Green Co KY 8/5/1815: Wm Skaggs and wife Mary to Reubin Bird -- $100 -- 100 acres in Green Co on Brush Creek --. William warrants against the claim of himself, the claim of Joseph Barnett, Richard Skaggs, Richard Taylor, and Francis Taylor. Signed: Wm Skaggs, Polly Skaggs; Green Co SCT: produced 8/5/1816 and acknowledged by Wm. Skaggs; recorded 12/27/1816 by John Barrett, CGC. :

p. 87: DB7, p. 426-427, Green Co., KY, 1/10/1817: Solomon Skaggs to John M. Bingley -- $31 -- lot #45 in Summersville. Signed: Solomon (x) Skaggs; Green Co. SCT: acknowledged by Solomon Skaggs; recorded 1/10/1817 by John Barret, CGC. :

p. 91: DB7, p 441, Green Co., KY 3/4/1817: Joseph Russell & Vincent Lile make Wm Skaggs of Green Co their POA to demand of the paymaster of Col. Parker's Regm't our pay for 6-months service as private under Capt. Paxton who belonged to the Regm't. Signed: Joseph (x) Russell, Vincent (x) Lile; Green Co. SCT: produced and acknowledged by Joseph Russell and Vinsent Lile; recorded 3/4/1817 by Hiram S. Emerson. :