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War Records

If anyone knows or any other military records please send them in, so we can add them to the list, Thanks

Virginia Militia ( commanded by Colonel Preston)
Archibald Skaggs, pension applied for 1832
Henry Skaggs, cousin to Archibald, pension applied for 1832

Virginia Militia, Prince Georges County, Captain Thomas Sappington's Company
Richard Skaggs, Private
Thomas Skaggs

War of 1812
James Skaggs, Private, enlisted in Hart County, Kentucky about 7/31/1813,
Captain Thomas Moss' Company, 5th Kentucky Militia, commanded by Henry Renic.

American Revolution, Captain Trigg's Company, 9/13/1777
Zachariah Skaggs
Henry Skaggs (son of Aaron)
American Revolution, Battle of King's Mountain
John Skaggs (wounded)

Pennsylvania Militia (Flying Camp), 6/12/1776 - 12/1/1776
William Skaggs

Dunmore's War (commenced 10/10/1774 at Point Pleasant)
General Andrew Lewis' Army (Battle of Point Pleasant)
Reuben Skaggs
Zachariah Skaggs
Captain James Robert's Company
Charles Skaggs, Sergeant
Aaron Skaggs
John Skaggs
John Skaggs ( two John's here)
Captain Joseph Cloyd's Company
Charles Skaggs
Richard Skaggs
Captain William Leftwich's Company
Thomas Skaggs
Sergeant Henry Skaggs' detachment (12 men, total)
Henry Skaggs, Sergeant
Aaron Skaggs
Richard Skaggs
Moses Skaggs
Nine or more of the above were from Fincastle County, Virginia

South Carolina Militia (Cherokee Expedition), Capt Alexander Shawws, commanded by John Chevillette, 6/7/1760
Charles Skaggs
William Skaggs

Continental Line Regiment of Virginia
Richard Skaggs

Virginia Indian Spy
William Skaggs ( born 1757)

French & Indian Wars
Captain Dogworthy's Company O (1757 - 1759)
Richard Skaggs, enlisted 10/9/1758 - deserted 12/28/1758
Isaac Skaggs, enlisted 10/9/1758 - deserted 12/28/1758
James Skaggs, enlisted 10/9/1758 - deserted 1/22/1759
All the above were at Braddock's defeat.

Mordici Cook's Company
Thomas Skaggs (came to Virginia with Cook's Company in 1654, probably from Maryland)

Abstracts of Rev. War Pensions pg. 3150

Skaggs, Archibald, VA Line, S31367, sol was b 1 Jan 1759 in SC & he moved with his parents to Halifax Co, VA then moved to Botetourt Co the part that later became Montgomery Co VA & lived there at enl & he later moved to Adair Co KY where he appl 7 Sep 1832, sol's cousin Henry Skaggs of Grayson Co KY made aff'dt in Sep 1832 & had srv in the Rev with Archibald Skaggs, on 3 Dec 1833 Barbary Skaggs made aff'dt in Adair Co, KY & stated she was the wid ofArchibald Skaggs who d 21 Apr 1833

Skaggs, Henry, VA line, S30701, sol was b in the spring of 1759 in SC, sol stated he lived in Botetourt Co the part that later became Montgomery Co, VA at enl & he lived there until 1790 then moved to Green Co KY & in 1809 he moved to Grayson Co KY where he appl 24 Sep 1832, sol's cousin Archibald Skaggs made aff'dt in Adair Co KY in 1832 and had also srv in the Rev War.

Skaggs James C., SC Line, R9628, appl 9 Oct 1834 Knox Co TN, sol was b in 1763 in Laurens Dist SC & he lived there during the REv & at the end of the Rev he moved to Spartanburg Dist SC for 10 or 11 yrs then moved to Jefferson Co TN for 1 year then moved to Knox Co TN, sol referrred to Solomon Skaggs, on 18 Aug 1852 sol's son Freeman Skaggs made aff'dt in Knox Co TN aged 33 & stated his father d 12 Dec 1838 leaving children; Solomon, Moses, Charles & Gideon Skaggs, Malinda Popejoy, Ursula Hill, Martha Graves & Charlotte Rutherford, sol's wid (not named) d 1 Aug 1848

Skaggs, William, Polly, VA Line, W2182, BLW #27564-160-55, sol m Polly Pearce 2 Sep 1802, sol was b in 1757 in NC & he enl in VA, sol appl 23 Aug 1832 Green Co KY & sol d there 20 Aug 1848 & his wid appl there 10 Mar 1853 aged 80 yrs.

On pp 58, 59, 60 of Mary B. Kegley's "Militia of Montgomery Co., VA may be found the following:
"Stephen Trigg took a list of those who swore allegiane in several companies, including McCorkle's, Cloyd's, Taylor's, Draper's and Daniel Trigg's, beginning on 6 Sept 1777 and ending on 1 April 1778"
From McCorkle's Company: James Patton, Robert Lyon, Joseph Mairs, Thomas Patton, Samuel Thompson, Josiah Baker, John Grayson, William Grayson
From Joseh Cloyd's Company: Capt. Joseph Cloyd, John Cloyd, Henry Thompson, Alexander Mairs, Henry Patton, Ninian Cloyd, Davis Patton, William Mairs, Hugh Mairs [twice], Matthew French, Nathaniel Christian, Robert Thompson, Lewis Reeling [Keeling], John Crum
From Capt. Daniel Trigg's Company: Edmund Vancell, Jacob Lorton, Thomas Alley, William Saunders, William Daniel, Archibald Thompson, Blackburn Akers, John Dispain, John Skaggs, Jr., Archibald Skaggs, Charles Skaggs, Solomon Akers, Samuel Lester, John Skaggs [Gourd Head], Solomon Davies, Abner Lester, Jeremiah Payte, Jonathan Elswick, William Lawson, John Harman, John Elswick, Moses Skaggs, John Hankins, Hezekiah Whitt, John Skeggs, John Payte, Richard Hankins, Josuaw [Joshua] Pittman, Zachariah Skaggs, Volintine Akers, Henry Skaggs [son of Aaron], Samuel Rentfro, William Jennings, Abram Goad, Jr., Edmund Jennings, Abraham Goad, Peter Harman, Richard Whitt, James Skeggs [longman]
From other companies: Daniel Harman Ref: Ibid, pp 47, 48 Daniel Trigg's Company 31 March 1781: Daniel Trigg, Capt., Israel Lorton, Lt., John Elswick, Sgt., Archibald Thompson, Sgt., William Lawson, Sgt. The following were listed as Privates: Blackburn akers, Thomas Alley, Jonathan Elswick, Richard Hawkins [Hankins?], Hezekiah Whitt, Jacon Blackburn, Richd. Whitt, Thomas Pate, Anthony Pate, Jr., Barnet Farmer, Adam Pate, William Ratliff, Nathan Ratliff, Richd. Ratliff, Daniel Dobbins, Abram Hilton, William Hawkins [Hankins?], Thomas Pate, Jr., JAcob Pate, Henry Skeggs, John Dispain, Moses Skeggs, Abram Hankins, Cary ? Alley, Edmund Vancil, Richd. Henderson, Henry Skaggs, Jr., Benjamin Staycie, Wm. Combs, Mayson Combs, Bradley Meredith, Jr., Benjamin Dispain, Jos. Compton, Thompson Farmer, William Davis, John Pate, Jacob Skaggs. Notes on Daniel Trigg's Company: Those [who] were not fit were: William Lawson, Blackburn Akers, Richd. Hawkins, Henry Skeggs, Thompson Farmer. Those who were under eighteen were: Barnet Farmer, Adam Pate, Thomas Pate, Jr., Abram Hankins, Cary ? Alley, Jacob Skaggs. Those above fifty were: William Ratliff.


Texas Volunteer Guard (1836-1845); United States Volunteers
George W. Skaggs

SKAGGS CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS OF THE CIVIL WAR Asberry Skaggs, Texas, CSA. Regimental affiliation unknown. Name obtained from pension application.

Richard Shelton Skaggs, Texas, CSA. Ditto Asberry

William Augustus Skaggs, Texas, CSA. Ditto Asberry

63rd Virginia Infantry, Confederate States Army

The 63rd Regiment was organized May 24, 1862, with 10 companies, A to K, all enlisted for 3 years or the duration of the war. These companies were raised under an order from the Secretary of War, April 9, 1862 to Major John J. McMahon. McMahon was rewarded by being made Colonel of the 63rd in May, when the regiment was formally organized at Abingdon in Washington County, Virginia. Colonel McMahon was succeeded by Lieutenant Colonel David C. Dunn. Major James M. French, who was later promoted to Colonel, succeeded Colonel Dunn and the 63rd ended the war with Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) Connally H. Lynch in command. Lynch was also commander of the 54th Battalion, a consolidation of the 54th and 63rd Virginia Infantry regiments. The regiment was apparently reorganized January 17, 1863. At that time, the first Company I was dissolved and the second one created. Members of Co. I(1) were discharged to join other companies. The Second Company I took many of the Carroll County residents of Company G and a few others and organized a company. Company C, a Grayson County Company gave up 36 soldiers to go into fill out the now reduced Company G, and bring it back up to strength. Note the table at the end of this chapter for statistics on enlistment locations.


64th Virginia Infantry The 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry Regiment and its precursor unit, the 21st Virginia Infantry Battalion, were recruited in the autumn of 1861 in Lee, Scott, Wise and Buchanan counties, on the Kentucky frontier. The men jealously guarded their right to remain in their home area as a solemn promise, throughout the war, even while the infant Confederate States crumbled around them. The 64th Virginia Infantry was formally created on December 14, 1862, by the consolidation of the 21st and 29th Battalions of Virginia Infantry. The Regiment was reorganized September 1, 1863 at Cumberland Gap and became known as the 64th Virginia Cavalry.


The 94th Virginia Militia Lee County's 94th Militia was called out by General Marshall and served for the period from March 18, 1862 through May 9, 1862. Marshall made a notation, "In no action of a general nature. Many prisioners taken during the time of renegade Tennesseans flying to Kentucky to organize. The practice has been broken up by this company (Company A, 94th Militia) picketing the mountain passes between Tennessee and Kentucky, in Lee and Wise Counties. The 125 men listed below served from March 18 through May 9, 1862 in Company A and were present unless otherwise noted.


The 129th Virginia Militia--Logan County
SCAGGS, JOSEPH: 2nd Lt., Buchanan's Co., 129th Mil., Enl. on 9/6/61 at Logan Co. C.H. James A. Skaggs, 21st Virginia Calvary

Skaggs, Lieutenant, Company H, 21st Virginia Infantry

William B. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 50th Virginia Infantry. Died a few days after retreat from Gauly River, West Virginia.

James A. Skaggs, Private, Company C, 59th Virginia Infantry.

Robert C. Skaggs, First Seargent, Company C, 59th Virginia Infantry.

Jeremiah Skaggs, Private, Company A, 64th Virginia Infantry. Brother of William B., above. Was taken prisoner along with 2/3 of his regiment at Cumberland Gap. Died at the infamous Union prison camp at Camp Douglas, Illinois, at age 41.

James M. Skaggs, Third Seargent, 79th Virginia Militia.

Andrew A. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 166th Virginia Militia. Company A was comprised mainly of men from Monroe County, Virginia, and was led by Colonel William B. Suttle.

C.L. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 166th Virginia Militia.

John A. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 166th Virginia Militia.

J.H. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 166th Virginia Militia.

Lewis C. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 166th Virginia Militia.

S. B. Skaggs, Cadet, Company A, Virginia Military Institute Cadets

Hannibal Skaggs, Company B, 1st Arkansas Calvary.

Hannon Skaggs, Private, 1st Arkansas Calvary. Enlisted 2/1/64 at age 18 in Washington County, Arkansas.

Benjamin O. Skaggs, Corporal, 4th Arkansas Infantry Enlisted 3/28/64 at age 30 in Clarksville, Arkansas. Pension application ruled invalid. Died 7/30/13.

Chester A. Skaggs, Company B, 2nd Arkansas Infantry. Died 1896.

Hudson F. Skaggs, 2nd Arkansas Infantry. Family claims he fought for the Confedracy. Died 9/17/20.

Solomon Skaggs, Private, 1st Arkansas Infantry. Enlisted 3/1/63 at age 21 in Newton County, Arkansas. Deserted 11/7/63 at Jenny Lind, Arkansas.

Louis Skaggs, 15th Kansas Calvary. Served with 15th until end of war.

James Riley "Hood" Skaggs b 2/15/1843 Todd Co. KY d 8/18/1918 Ballard Co. KY
(know as "Hood") Military records list him as J. K. was born in Todd County February 15 1843, and enlisted in Co. F, 3rd KY Mounted Infantry April 27, 1864 and was also with the 7th Regiment. He was transferred to Gen. Forrest's command, and fought in some very hard battles, fighting at Harrisburg, Miss., and three or four major fights in Alabama, and at Memphis and Nashville. he was wounded in the right and left shoulders while fighting at Owensboro. he also suffered a head wound in another skirmish. When the war was over, he came home from Johnsonville, Tenn., where he and his company were located. His wife was Jo Anna Bondurant, and they married December 23, 1880, were the parents of Helen Williams and Shelton Skaggs. He was on the Wickliffe City Council about 1885 From "Ballards Brave Boys" by Judy MaGee Elijah Skaggs, Private, Company H, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 10/31/62 at Louisville Kentucky, died in Knoxville, Tennessee of chronic diarrhea. The 13th was led most of its career by Colonel W.E. Hobson and was comprised mainly of men from Green, Metcalfe, Warren and other counties adjoining the Green River.

Jackson Skaggs,Private, Company C, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/61 at age 23. Died 12/13/62 of typhoid fever in Adair County, Kentucky.

James M. Skaggs, Private, Company D, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/30/61 at age 18. Wounded at Huff's Ferry, Tennessee. Mustered out 1/12/65.

James M. Skaggs, Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 2/20/63 at age 33. AWOL 2/20/63 until March or April of '63. Mustered out 1/12/65.

Jefferson Skaggs, Corporal, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/61 at age 33. Died in Louisville, Kentucky in May of "62 of typhoid fever.

Jerry Skaggs, Private, Company E, 13th Kentucky Volunteer infantry. Enlisted 1/12/65. Mustered out 1/12/65. Military notes indicate he was a "good soldier".

John C. Skaggs, Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/61 at age 27. Deserted 1/31/63 from Munford, Kentucky.

John T. Skaggs, Private, Company A, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/30/61 at age 28. AWOL from 1/4/62 until 5/20/62. Discharged at Huntsville, Alabama in July '62 due to disability.

Ottaway Skaggs, Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/61 at age 31. Captured while in hospital at Huntsville, Alabama. Died in hospital on 9/13/62 of chronic diarrhea.

Stephen S. Skaggs, Sr., Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 10/3/61 at age 41. Discharged 5/23/62 due to chronic rheumatism.

Stephen S. Skaggs, Jr., Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/62 at age 25. AWOL from 2/13/63 until 10/14/63. Deserted 1/20/65 at Louisville, Kentucky. Discharged 1/12/65 and desertion charge was removed from records.

Thomas Skaggs, Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted in December of '61 at age 19. Deserted 2/14/63. Returned 10/14/63. Transferred to 6th Veteran Calvary and discharged 6/27/65 at Louisville, Kentucky. In pension application, claimed to be disabled due to gunshot wound to left foot received 5/24/64 at Lost Mountain, Georgia.

William S. Skaggs, Private, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 12/31/61 at age 18. AWOL from 2/13/61 until 10/14/63. Died 7/2/65 of smallpox at the Louisville, Kentucky general hospital. Buried at Cave Hill Cemetary, Louisville, Kentucky.

James Thomas "Fleekin" Skaggs, fought for Union in Civil War.

Henry Ellison Skaggs, Corporal, Company C, 1st Missouri Calvary. Enlisted 9/13/62 at age 31. Suffered throughout the war with chronic diarrhea, piles and a severe eye affliction. Discharged at Springfield, Missouri 7/21/61 and went home to Cooke County, Texas.

John Wesley Skaggs, Company H, 97th Indiana Infantry. Enlisted 9/20/62. Spent most of war in Eruption Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky, where he was sick with measles. Mustered out 7/3/65.

Charles Skaggs, Company F, 12th Illinois Calvary. Residence: Greenfield.

Hardin Skaggs, Company F, 12th Illinois Calvary. Residence: Greenfield.

Thomas Skaggs, Company A, 12th Illinois Calvary. Residence: Greenfield.

Thomas Skaggs, Company F, 12th Illinois Calvary. Residence: Fayette.

James H, Skaggs, Company K, 7th Illinois Infantry. Residence: Carlinville.

James M. Skaggs, Company B, 63rd Illinois Infantry. Residence: Albion.

John Skaggs, Company I, 77th Illinois Infantry.

Thomas Skaggs, Company I, 77th Illinois Infantry.

Lewis Skaggs, Headquarters, 94th Illinois Infantry. Residence: Leroy.

Richard Skaggs, Company H, 150th Illinois Infantry. Residence: Edwardsville.

John Skaggs, Company D, 130th Illinois Infantry. Residence: Sumner .

Francis M. Skaggs, Captain, Company E, 2nd Tennessee Infantry. Enlisted as Second Lieutenant on 10/25/61 at age 23. Assumed command of company on 7/1/62 and was promoted to Captain. Died 5/19/63 of disease.


Information Sheet R247
Skaggs, Henry Ellison, 1831-1899. Papers, 1862-1895. Three folders.
These are a diary and papers, 1862-1865, of Henry Ellison Skaggs, pertaining to his service in the 1st Missouri Cavalry in Missouri and Arkansas during the Civil War. Included are a diary, two letters from Little Rock, Arkansas, a photograph of Skaggs in uniform, and a group of prayers. There are also correspondence concerning his military pension, 1893-1895, and genealogical data.
Henry Ellison Skaggs was born on 28 March 1831 in Weakley County, Tennessee. By 1854 he had located in Camden County, Missouri, where he married Narcissa George. They moved to Cooke County, Texas, about 1859. As a Union man during the Civil War, Skaggs was prompted by the threat of Confederate conscription to leave his family in Texas in 1862. Intercepted by Confederate authorities in Indian Territory and faced with enrollment in the southern army, Skaggs fled to safety inside Union lines at Mount Vernon, Missouri. He continued to Springfield, where he enlisted in Co. C, 1st Missouri Cavalry, on 13 September 1862. He served for the duration of the war, mustering out at Little Rock, Arkansas, on 14 June 1865. Skaggs returned to his home in Cooke County, Texas, where he lived until his death in 1899.
Skaggs kept a diary in a small pocket notebook during most of his enlistment in the 1st Missouri Cavalry. The diary was submitted as additional evidence of military service in 1895 when Skaggs petitioned the government for an increase in his pension. The diary contains a partial index, notes on financial matters, a register of correspondence, and chronological entries detailing service in Missouri and Arkansas, 24 October 1862--10 June 1864. During this period, the regiment operated with the Army of the Frontier in southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas, was part of Davidson's Cavalry Division in the campaign to capture Little Rock, and served in the cavalry of the Army of Arkansas. The diary entries are brief, occasionally summarizing a period of several days. They continue through 10 June 1864, when Skaggs was on furlough in Miller County, Missouri. The last page is fragmentary. It bears the address of a St. Louis firm which sold bullet-proof vests to soldiers.
A group of five prayers, presumably written by Henry E. Skaggs, accompanies the diary. They are written on small notebook pages similar to those of the diary. They include prayers for morning and evening use, for wounded and dying soldiers, and for those going into battle. Transcripts of the diary and prayers have been prepared by Luther R. Fruit, a descendant of Henry E. Skaggs. An introduction to the typescript includes biographical information on Skaggs and the individuals mentioned in his diary. Also available is a map showing the area of operations and the itinerary of the 1st Missouri Cavalry.
Among the miscellaneous papers are copies of pension records at the National Archives. They include the correspondence and a deposition regarding a request for an increase in pension. The deposition includes a brief narrative of Skaggs's Civil War service, in which he recounted the details of his flight from Texas to Missouri, and his service in the cavalry. He noted the hardships endured by his family during his absence, and detailed his own physical complaints, which he attributed to his wartime service.

R247 Skaggs, Henry Ellison, 1831-1899. Papers, 1862-1895. Three folders.
These are a diary and papers, 1862-1865, of Henry Ellison Skaggs, pertaining to his service in the 1st Missouri Cavalry in Missouri and Arkansas during the Civil War. Included are a diary two letters from Little Rock, Arkansas, a photograph of Skaggs in uniform, and a group of prayers. There are also correspondence concerning his military pension, 1893-1895, and genealogical data.
Folder 1: Diary and prayers, 1862-1864 (2 items).
Folder 2: Bound typescript of diary and prayers, 1862-1864. Transcribed by Luther R. Fruit, with map showing area of military service (One item, plus enclosures.). Folder 3: Miscellaneous papers, 1862-1865, 1893-1895 (8 items).
Index Cards R247 Skaggs, Henry Ellison, 1831-1899. Papers, 1862-1895.
Allison, Elizabeth (Carnes).
Arkansas--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Cooke County (Tex.).
Little Rock (Ark.).
Miller County (Mo.).
Missouri--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Missouri Cavalry--1st Regiment [SEE United States.
Army. Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 1st.]. Pensions, Military--United States.
Shipman, Mary.
Shipman, John L.
Skaggs family--Genealogy.
Skaggs, Henry Ellison, 1831-1899.
Skaggs, Narcissa George, 1839-1877.
Texas--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
United States. Army. Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 1st.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Wilson, Richard.