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Springfield, IL obits

Some time ago, I went to the Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL to the genealogy section "The Sangamon Valley Collection" room. There, they have a card catalog file in which volunteers edit through the obit sections of the State-Journal Register, yearbooks, etc. and make index cards. On the cards, they have the name, date of death, date the obit appeared, page #, and in some cases notations which may include maiden name, survivors, and other such short data. Some cards only lead to another surname.
They generously allowed me to copy ALL the SKAGGS index cards on file at that time. Volunteers were still working on the years 1930-1960. I have made a list of all the index cards that were in the catalog and as time has allowed, I have went to the microfilms and searched for and printed out some of the obits. I have transcribed them into a list along with the Skaggs obits that were in my Great-grandmothers scrapbook (some of these I do NOT know what paper they came from or the date they were published and others matched to the index cards). I have abbreviated the newspapers name "State Journal-Register" to SJR.
The Lincoln Library is located at 326 South Seventh Street, Springfield, IL 62701. The Sangamon Valley Collection is located there on the third floor.

Alan SKAGGS see Mt. Pulaski 1836-1986 p.430

Alcena (Perkins) SKAGGS d. 5 Feb 1974 age 94 SJR 2-7-1974 p.26

Alice SKAGGS d. 19 Apr 1970 age 86 SJR 4-21-1970 p.17 Litchfield

Andrew Jackson SKAGGS also see William J. SKAGGS

[NOTE: seems the newspaper misprinted William for Andrew, per notes of EFD]

ANDREW JACKSON SKAGGS [note:William J. Skaggs is printed in newspaper, and is crossed out in ink and Andrew Jackson Skaggs written in]--Of 1228 Patton Ave. died at 9:10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29, 1949, at Memorial hospital, age 76. Survived by wife, Myrtle; one son, Robert, of city; one brother, William, of Berlin, and one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, of city. Remains to Ellinger & Kunz funeral home. Announcements later.

SKAGGS--Remains of Andrew Jackson Skaggs, of 1228 Patton Ave., are at Ellinger & Kunz funeral home where services will be held at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday and at 2 p.m. at Berlin Christian church. Burial in Berlin cemetery. Friends may call until time of services Tuesday.

ANDREW J. SKAGGS [William is printed, crossed out in ink and Andrew written in]--

William J. Skaggs, of 1228 Patton Ave., died at 9:10 p.m. yesterday at Memorial hospital. He was 76 years old. Mr. Skaggs entered the hospital Oct. 13 as a medical patient. He is survived by his wife, Myrtle; one son, Robert, of Springfield; one brother, William, of Berlin, and one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, of Springfield. Remains were taken to the Ellinger & Kunz funeral home.

Alphonzo SKAGGS d. 13 Aug 1963 age 71 SJR 8-14-1963 p. 20 Girard

Anna L. SKAGGS d. 18 Jun 1979 age 71 SJR 6-20-1979 p.45 of Mason City

Annie M. (Carlile)SKAGGS d. 23 Sep 1970 age 76 SJR 9-24-1970 p.38 b. Green Co. KY

Mrs. Annis (Lee) SKAGGS d. 4 Jan 1958 SJR 1-5-1958 p. 38 & 39; 1-6 p.15; 1-7 p.22 of Springfield, formerly Oakford

Arabella SKAGGS see Katherine E. FULLAGER

Archibald Johan SKAGGS d. 5 Feb 1980 SJR 2-9-1980 p.29 infant son of James & Alice Arkebauer Skaggs

Arlene J. Ford SKAGS d. 25 Aug 1999 age 76 SJR 8-27-1999 p. 32 Pekin, formerly of Mason City

Arthur William "Billy" SKAGGS d.10 Sep 1988 age 15 SJR 9-12-1988 p.23 Of Rochester, Born 4-13-1973, son of Colin Skaggs & Marilyn Miller Sims also in SJR 9-13-1988 p.4 Rochester: died of accidental shooting injuries


Bobby Lee SKAGGS d. 9 Jan 1929 age 6 SJR 1-10-1929 p.18 son of Mr. & Mrs. J.N. SKAGGS, buried Calvary Cemetery

Brady Melvin SKAGGS d.30 Mar 1995 age 71 SJR 4-1-1995 p.11 of Edinburg, expired at St. Johns Hospital

Carrie SKAGGS d.25 Jan 1980 age 78 SJR 1-27-1980 p.7 of the Haven Conv alescent Home

Carrie E. (Connor) SKAGGS d.7 Jun 1974 age 82 SJR6-8-1974 p.4

Charles R. SKAGGS d.11 Jan 1970 age 41 SJR 1-12-1970 p.4 born Mason City

Clyde H. SKAGGS d. 18 Mar 1983 age 59 SJR 3-20-1983 p.51 St. Petersburg FL/ formerly of Spfld.

Christina SKAGGS d.18 Jan 1927 age 83 SJR 1-19-1927 p.16 Oakford--died in Atterberry

Colin LeRoy "Roy" SKAGGS d.21 May 1998 age 63 SJR 5-23-1998 p.31 survives wife Karen-2 daughters-1 son-2 stepsons, 1 sister

Dale Boyce SKAGGS d.11 Feb 1939 age 3 SJR 2-12-1939 p.1-6 grandson of Mr. & Mrs. I.E. Alvies, Farmingdale and Mr. & Mrs. David Skaggs, Pleasant Plains, died at his home in Pontiac Mich.

Mrs. David SKAGGS d.14 Jan 1955 age 77 SJR 1-15-1955 p.14 of Pleasant Plains

SKAGGS, MRS. DAVID--Of Pleasant Plains, died at 4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 14, 1955, at her residence, age 77. Survived by three daughters, Mrs. Dolly Miller, Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Lena Hicks, Pontiac, Mich., and Mrs. Myra Birmbaum, Pleasant Plains; two sons, Charles, Pontiac, Mich., and Leonard, Rock Falls. Remains to Hensley funeral home, Pleasant Plains. Announcements later.

SKAGGS--Remains of Mrs. David Skaggs, of Pleasant Plains, are at Hensley funeral home, Pleasant Plains, where friends may call afterr 2 p.m. Sunday, and where services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday. Rev. Kenneth Douglas=
officiating. Burial in Pleasant Plains cemetery.

David L. SKAGGS d. 25 Jan 1941 age 38 SJR 1-25-1941 p.10 , p.4 ;1-26-1941 p.4, p.14 Of Rock Falls, he was a former resident of Pleasant Plains. He had been an employee of the Illinois Bell Telephone co.. His wife Viv=
ienne and his parents, Mr. & Mrs. David Skaggs of Pleasant Plains, survive...

SKAGGS: David L., of Rock Falls, Ill., died at 12:48 p.m. Saturday, Jan 25, 1941, at Springfield hospital, aged 38 years. Survived by wife, Vivienne; parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Skaggs, Pleasant Plains; two brothers, L.O. Skaggs, Rock Falls, and Charles Skaggs, Pontiac, Mich.; five sisters, Mrs. Roscoe Miller, Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. James Melody, Alton; Mrs. Arnold Birnbaum, Springfield; Mrs. Lena Trees, Pleasant Plains, and Mrs. Charles Edwards, Pontiac, Mich. Remains to Hensley funeral home at Pleasant Plains. Funeral services at 2 p.m. Monday at home of decedent=92s parents. Rev. W.C. Shaffer officiating. Interment in Pleasant Plains cemetery.

David T. SKAGGS d.19 Mar 1963 age 80 SJR 3-20-1963 p.20 of Pleasant Plains

David P. SKAGGS d.20 Aug 1970 age 80 SJR 8-21-1970 p.16 of Mason City

Dewine SKAGGS d.26 Dec 1973 age 75 SJR 12-27-1973 p.10 *Ropers=20

Mrs. Dewine Skaggs, 75, of 523 S. Glenwood Ave. died at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday at the residence. Born in Lincoln, Mrs. Skaggs was the daughter of John H. and Lura L. Cook Ropers. Her husband, Earl M., died in 1954. Surviving are two sons, Earl R. of Saugar, Calif., and John S. of Orange, Calif .; one brother, John H. Ropers of Eureka Springs, Ark.; three sisters, Mrs. Murine Tondello, Mrs. Helen Presvelos, both of Springfield and Mrs. Norma L. Scranton of Eureka Springs, Ark. Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Boardman-Smith Funeral Chapel with Rev. Charles Hendricks officiating. Burial will be in Roselawn Cemetery.


EDWARDS, MRS. DORIS SKAGGS--Pontiac, Mich., formerly of Pleasant Plains, died at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1947, in Pontiac, aged 28. Survived by huusband, Charles Edwards; two daughters, Karen and Patricia, all of Pontiac; parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Skaggs, Pleasant Plains; three sisters, Mrs. Dolly Miller, Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Myra Birnbaum, Springfield and Mrs. Lena Trees, Pontiac, Mich.; two brothers, Leonard, Rock Falls, Ill., and Charles, Pontiac, Mich. Remains will arrive in Taylorville Friday morning and will be removed to the Hensley funeral home, Pleasant Plains.Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

EDWARDS--Remains of Mrs. Doris Skaggs Edwards, Pontiac, Mich., formerly of Pleasant Plains, will arrive in Taylorville Friday morningg and will be removed to the Hensley funeral home, Pleasant Plains. Remains will be removed at 1 p.m. Friday to the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Skaggs, Pleasant Plains. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in Pleasant Plains Methodist church, Rev. J.W. Pursell officiating. Burial will be in Pleasant Plains cemetery.

Dolores M. SKAGGS see BAKER

Dorothy L. (Ealy) SKAGGS d.7 Oct 1997 age 88 SJR 10-8-1997 p.36 retired in 1977 from Department of Transportation.=20

Dorothy M. (Chipman) SKAGGS d.14 Nov 1981 age 59 SJR 11-16-1981 p.19 She was formerly by the Franklin Life Insurance Co.

Earl SKAGGS d.23 Mar 1904 SJR 3-25-1904 p.6 He was accidentlly killed by a Chicago & Alton Passenger Train.

The remains of Earl Skaggs, who was accidentlly killed by a Chicago & Alton passenger train near Broadwell Wednesday afternoon, arrived in the city at 8:30 o=92clock last evening, and were taken to the undertaking establishment of Metcalf & Branson. The body will be removed to the family residence, 209 Eastman evenue, today. The funeral arrangements have not been completed. The decendent is survived by his mother, Mrs. William Skaggs;
and one brother, Glenn Skaggs of the city. He was 21 years old. He was formerly an engraver at the watch factory, and was a member of Loyal American camp No. 3, and Klahold lodge No. 100, Switchmens union of North America. The coroner=92s jury in the case returned a verdict of accidental death in Lincoln yesterday.

Edward SKAGGS d. 28 Dec 1927 age 47 SJR 12-29-1927 p.12 Berlin

Effie May SKAGGS d. 13 Mar 1928 age 20 SJR 3-13-1928 p.5 Morrisonville-died in Alton. Daughter of Mr & Mrs W. F. Skaggs

Elvis SKAGGS d. 31 Oct 1933 age 11 SJR 11-1-1933 p.1 dragged to death by cow.

Boy Dragged To Death By Cow While Playing--Carbondale, Ill., Oct. 31 (AP)--With a rope tied around his waist, Elvis Skaggs, 11-year-old farm boy, was dragged to death by a cow he had lassoed while playing "wild west." His body was discovered in a field half an hour later when the cattle in the field bawled and stampeded around it.

Elsie (Lawson) SKAGGS d. 31 May 1971 age 85 SJR 6-1-1971 p.4 Springfield

Erma R. (Singleton) SKAGGS d.22 Aug 1982 age 79 SJR 8-24-1982 p.16 of Springfield, died in Elgin

Ethel I. (Sharp) SKAGGS d.5 Mar 1972 age 63 SJR 3-6-1972 p.19 Internal Revenue Service

Eva (Ogden) SKAGGS d. 11 Apr 1941 age 80 SJR 4-12-1941 p.16 Springfield, buried Oak Ridge Cem.

Mrs. Florence (McCarthy) SKAGGS d.15 Sep 1961 age 65 SJR 9-16-1961 p.15 born in Springfield

Mrs. Fleta H. SKAGGS d.6 Mar 1964 age 79 SJR 3-8-1964 p.48 burial in Minnier

Forrest W. SKAGGS d. 1 Oct 1975 age 68 SJR 10-2-1975 p.17

Franklin Eugene SKAGGS d. 13 Dec 1932 age Infant SJR 12-15-1932 p.10 son of Mr & Mrs. Joseph Skaggs of Chatham-Inter. Berlin Cem.

Gerald SKAGGS d. 6 Jul 1936 age 36 SJR 7-8-1936 p.18 wife Clara Skaggs of Springfield survives

Geraldine "Geri" SKAGGS see BRANHAM

German H. SKAGGS d. 26 Dec 1973 age 74 SJR 12-27-1973 p.19 of Mason City

Gilbert C. SKAGGS d. 5 Nov 1971 age 50 SJR 11-9-1971 p.4 Springfield

Glenn SKAGGS d. 1 Jun 1961 age 69 SJR 6-2-1961 p.19 Member of the Elliot Ave Baptist church and Masonic Lodge No. 71

Grady SKAGGS d.21 Aug 1991 age 83 SJR 8-22-1991 p.26 of Mason City

Glenn Parks SKAGGS d. 30 Apr 1994 age 89 SJR 5-1-1994 p.16 of Carrollton died in Jacksonville

Harold SKAGGS d.27 Oct 1964 age 59 SJR 10-28-1964 p.28 of Springfield

Hazel M. SKAGGS see Wilson

Helen SKAGGS see Stolle

Henry Delano SKAGGS d. 31 Aug 1990 age 51 SJR 9-2-1990 p.17 survived by wife, 3 daughters, 1 son and 2 brothers

Henry Clay SKAGGS d.8 Mar 1940 age 81 SJR 3-9-1940 p.2 & 16 /3-10-1940 p.10 Petersburg

Henry Clay Skaggs--of Petersburg, died at 4 p.m. Friday, March 8, 1940 at residence, age 81 years. Survived by wife Ida; one daughter, Mrs. Earl Cook, Bloomington; a son, Earl, Pekin. Remains to Thompson & Harms funeral home, Petersburg.

Henry C. Skaggs. Petersburg, March 8--Henry Clay Skaggs, 81 died at 4 p.m. today at his home here. He had been ill several months from heart disease but his death was unexpected. Remains were removed to the Thompson and Harms funeral home, this city.

Henry C. Skaggs. Petersburg, March 9.--Funeral services for Henry Clay Skaggs, aged 81 years, who died suddenly Friday afternoon at his home in this city, will be held Monday morning at 10 a.m. at the Thompson & Harms funeral home, Rev. E.W. Clippinger, pastor of the North Sangamon church, Indian Point, officiating. Interment will be made in Springdale cemetery, Peoria.

Howard E. SKAGGS d. 19 May 1997 age 77 SJR 5-20-1997 p.9 Chenoa formerly of Flanagan & Springfield

Inez SKAGGS d. 1 Sep 1986 age 89 SJR 9-2-1986 p.17 of Girard


Isabel F. "Iz" (Daniels) SKAGGS d. 25 Jan 1996 age 74 SJR 1-29-1996 p.14 of Henderson Nev. born Springfield, dau.of Wilbur & Bessie Daniels, husband Milton

Isham Thomas SKAGGS d. 21 Oct 1918 age 29 SJR 10-22-1918 p.7 of 1149 N. 8th St.

James SKAGGS d. 8 Jun 1908 age 14 SJR 6-10-1908 p.6 of New Berlin

James SKAGGS d. 30 May 1928 age 26 SJR 6-1-1928 p.13 E. Alton-fell from a crane

James Ernest SKAGGS d. 4 Jan 1918 SJR 1-5-1918 p.7 of 1822 Spring St.

James Kenneth SKAGGS d.17 Dec 1932 age 15 SJR 12-18-1932 p. I-10 son of David & Norma Harris Skaggs, Mason City

James W. SKAGGS d. 3 Dec 1997 age 65 SJR 10-6-1997 p.16 Spfld. born in Mason City, Ellinger Kunz & Davis Funeral Home, widower

James Leroy SKAGGS d. 28 Sep 1932 age 18 days SJR 9-29-1932 p.5 son of Mr. & Mrs Fon Skaggs, Girard-Inter. Girard Cem.

Jasper N. SKAGGS d. 2 Nov 1936 age 64 SJR 11-3-1936 p.14 died at St. J=
ohns Hospital, Springfield

Jefferson D. SKAGGS d. 2 Jul 1934 age 68 SJR 7-3-1934 p.10 survived by=
wife, Millie and 3 children also SJR 7-4-1934 p.10 of Atterberry-buri=
al in Oakford cemetery

Mrs. John SKAGGS d. 2 Feb 1926 SJR 2-4-1926 p.8

John R. SKAGGS d. 6 Mar 1971 age 73 SJR 3-7-1971 p.34 security guard a=
t Lincoln=92s home

John H. SKAGGS d. 27 Nov 1962 age 56 SJR 11-28-1962 p.16 Mason City

John Monroe SKAGGS d. 4 Jul 1950 age infant SJR 7-5-1950 p.9

John W. Skags d.25 Jan 1941 age 56 SJR 1-26-1941 p.6, part 3 of Hillvi=
ew, inter. White Hall Cemetery

John W. Skags d.25 Jan 1941 age 56 SJR 1-26-1941 p.6, part 3 of Hillvi=
ew, inter. White Hall Cemetery

John W. SKAGGS d. 8 Aug 1960 age 86 SJR 8-9-1960 p.2 of Mason City, he=
leaves two sons and three daughters, buried in Mason City Cem.

Mason City--John W. Skaggs, 86, of Mason City, died at 12:15 a.m. Monday at the Christian Care Nursing Home in Mason City. The body is aat the Henderson-Jennsing Funeral Home, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday with burial in Mason City Cemetery. He leaves two sons, James and Grady Skaggs of Mason City and three daughters, Mrs. Parrie Van DeHand of Peoria and Mrs. Lucy Gower of Grand Junction, Colo., and Mrs. Ethe=
l Schoonover of Mason City. There are 22 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Joseph Lewis SKAGGS d. 27 May 1950 age 70 SJR 5-28-1950 p.32 formerly of Lincoln


Joseph Lewis Skaggs, of 627 N. Fifteenth St., formerly of Lincoln, died at 1:55 a.m. yesterday at St. John=92s hospital. He was 70 years old. The body was taken to Wright funeral home in Lincoln where services will be held at 2 p.m. (D.S.T.) Monday, Rev. A. Ray Grummon, of the First Methodist church, Springfield, officiating. Burial will be in Irish Grove cemetery. Mr. Skaggs was born April 1, 1880, in Greensburg, Ky., a son of Fields and Sally Elkins Skaggs. He married Luella Endicott March 6, 1918, in Peoria. She, with one son, Lewis, of Springfield, survives. Also surviving are a brother, David Skaggs, of Pleasant Plains, and two grandchildren. Mr. Skaggs was employed at the Lincoln Glass Bottle Co. prior to moving to Springfield two years ago.

Joseph SKAGGS d.12 Feb 1961 age 77 SJR 2-13-1961 p.18 Mason City man leaves surviving him three daughters, four brothers, others

Lincoln--Joseph Skaggs, 77 of Mason City, died at 10:45 a.m. Sunday at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. He was taken to Henderson-JJennings Funeral Home in Mason City, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday with burial in Mason City Cemetery. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Verna Griffin, Grand Prairie, Tex.; Mrs. DeEtta Croteau, Mason City, Mrs. Mildred Beemer, Washington; four brothers, Willie, Hodgenville, Ky.;
David of Mason City; Steve of Omaha, Neb.; Crawford of Birmingham, Iowa; one daughter (misprint?--probably should be sister) Miss Lizzie Skaggs, victorville, Calif.; eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Joseph N. SKAGGS d. 25 Nov 1958 age 58 SJR 11-26-1958 pgs. 18, 19; 11-27 , p.57; 11-28 p.25 of St. Johns Sanitarium, member of Berlin Chr. Ch.,buried Oak Ridge cem., wife Ethel I. SHARP

Joseph N. Skaggs, 58, of 2604 College St., died at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday at St. John=92s Sanitarium where he had been a patient for the past seven years. He was employed at the sanitarium for 10 years as a maintenance man before becoming a patient there. He was a member of the Berlin Christian Church. He was born May 9, 1900 in Berlin, the son of Louis and Elizabeth Weaver [family descendant says Weaver should be GREAVER] Skaggs. He married Ethel I. Sharp July 27, 1926. He resided in Springfield for 21 years.A son, Pfc. Perry Skaggs, was killed July 23, 1950, in Korea. He is survived by his wife; one daughter, Mrs. Barbara May Stonger of St. Louis, Mo.; four sons, Joseph, James, Ingvar and Delano, all of Springfield; five grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Frank Yates of Springfield, and one brother, John Tanner Skaggs of Springfield. Remains are at the Staab Funeral Home where services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday, the Rev. E. E. Laughlin officiating. Burial will be held in Oak Ridge Cemetery.


Keith H. SKAGGS d. 4 Mar 1977 age 55 SJR 3-5-1977 p.28

Kenneth G. SKAGGS d. 6 Feb 1978 age 67 SJR 2-9-1978 p.23 Washington DCformerly of Litchfield

Mrs. Laura SKAGGS d. 29 Dec 1959 age 77 SJR 12-31-1959 p.12 of Mason City

Mason City--Mrs. Laura Skaggs, 77, of Mason City, died at 11 a.m. Tuesdayat Abraham Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln. The body is at the Hennderson-Jennings Funeral Home in Mason City where services will be held at 2 p.m. today with burial in Mason City Cemetery.

Lee A. SKAGGS d.9 Mar 1989 age 94 SJR 3-10-1989 p.14 of Havana died in Petersburg

Leonard O. SKAGGS d. 28 Sep 1965 age 64 SJR 9-29-1965 p.4 born in Greensburg KY

Services for Leonard O. Skaggs of Rock Falls, past president of the Illinois Municipal League of Springfield, will be at 2 p.m. Friday at First Christian Church at Rock Falls. Burial will be in the IOOF Cemetery at RockFalls. Mrs. Skaggs, 64, died Tuesday evening at St. Anthony=92s Hospitalat Rockford. He was born at Greensburg, Ky. Surviving are his wife, Minnie; three daughters, Mrs. Earl Linsey of Milford, Mrs. Kenneth Schultz ofRock Falls and Mrs. Elmer Milby of Milford; one son, Clyde of Glendale, Ariz.; one brother, Charles of Santa Clara, Calif.; three sisters, Mrs. Roscoe Miller of Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Emma Hicks of Pontiac, Mich., and Mrs. Myre Birnbaum of Pleasant Plains; six grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Lewis H. SKAGGS d. 5 May 1988 age 68 SJR 5-6-1988 p.24 He retired from Pan-Handle Eastern Pipeline after 25 years of employment

Lewis P. SKAGGS d. 6 Aug 1967 age 88 SJR 8-7-1967 p.14 Litchfield

Lillian SKAGGS d. 10 Jul 1909 SJR 7-13-1909 p.6 Glenarm


Lloyd Russell SKAGGS d. 4 Aug 1935 age 6 SJR 8-6-1935 p.10 of San Jose. survived by parents, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Skaggs


ROBERTS, MRS. LOUISE--Of 725 1/2 E. Adams St., died at 11:10 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1949, at St. John=92s hospital, age 45. Survived by husband,DDean; one daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Wells; one son Clifford Eugene; one sister, Mrs. John Yates; two brothers, Joseph Skaggs and John Skaggs, all of city; eight grandchildren and several aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Remains to Staab funeral home where they may be viewed after 2 p.m. Friday. Funeral services at 9 a.m. Saturday at St. Mary=92s church, New Berlin. Rev. C.J. Fanning officiating. Burial in Berlin cemetery.

Lucretia SKAGGS d. 26 Jn 1980 age 94 SJR 1-27-1980 p.7 of Litchfield


Lucy SKAGGS d. 18 Dec 1928 age ca. 80 SJR 12-19-1928 p.7 Petersburg-burial in Oakland Cemetery

Nellie Oma SKAGGS d. 12 Oct 1998 age 85 SJR 10-14-1998 p.36 parents Luther & Lizzie Skaggs of Lincoln, burial Virden Cem.

Nellie O. Skaggs--Lincoln--

Nellie Oma Skaggs, 85, of Lincoln, formerly of Virden, died Monday, Oct. 12, 1998, at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Lincoln.

She was born Oct. 15, 1912, in Taylor County, Ky., the daughter of Luther and Lizzie DeSpain Skaggs. Miss Skaggs was a resident of Lincoln Developmental Center since 1920.

There are no survivors.

Graveside services: 10 a.m. Thursday, Virden Cemetery.

Calvert and Ferry Funeral Home in Virden is in charge of arrangements.

Nicholas R. SKAGGS d. 9 Jan 1982 age 75 SJR 1-10-1982 p.11 He was president of the Skaggs Construction Co., Inc.

Nora A. SKAGGS d. 18 Mar 1979 age 86 SJR 3-19-1979 p.5 of Mason City. Two daughters, both of Mason City, four grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, a sister Mrs. Mayme Miller of Louisville, KY survive

Mrs. Norma SKAGGS d. 2 May 1979 age 85 SJR 5-4-1978 p.34 Mason City

Ollie G. SKAGGS d. 5 Oct 1973 SJR 10-6-1973 p.4 of Pawnee/also in "The Honor Book" Sangamon Co. Il 1917-1919 p 707

Opal R. SKAGGS d. 17 Feb 1993 age 81 SJR 2-19-1993 p.14 of Mason City died in Lincoln

Ophie (Stinnett) SKAGGS d. 25 Jul 1931 age 32 SJR 7-26-1931 p. I-6 Manlius, IL-died at a local Hospital

Pamela I. SKAGGS d. 9 Jan 1968 age 2 SJR 1-10-1968 p.12 daughter of Wayne and Donna McBride Skaggs of Springfield


Pfc. Perry A."Victor" SKAGGS d. 23 Jun 1950 age 18 SJR 6-27-1950 p. 18 killed in action-Korea

Perry Lewis SKAGGS d. 25 Sep 1928 age 1 month SJR 9-26-1928 p.18 son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Skaggs, Berlin

Rev. Ralph E. SKAGGS d. 14 May 1995 age 79 SJR 5-16-1995 p.18 of Girard

ROBERT L. SKAGGS DIES IN ROCKFORD--Was Former Resident of Mason City.--

Mason City, Jan. 15--Robert Lee Skaggs, 77, former resident of Mason City, died Wednesday at the Swedish-American hospital in Rockford. The body will arrive in Mason City at 4 p.m. Friday and will be taken to the Henderson-Jennings funeral home where friends may call. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home, Rev. Ross K. Hellyer, of the Christian church, officiating. Burial will be in Mason City cemetery. A native of Hodgenville, Ky., Mr. Skaggs was born Sept. 26, 1870, a son of James and Cynthia Skaggs. In 1892 he married Mary Belle Akins in Hodgenville and they came to Mason county in 1906. Since the death of his wife in 1932, Mr. Skaggs has made his home with his children. He was a member of the Mason City Christian church. Surviving are three sons, Homer, Petersburg; Moses, Rockford; Fred, Pekin; two daughters, Mrs. Ella Jones and Mrs. Nora Reeder, both of Rockford; a sister, Mrs. Florence DeSpain, Springfield, and three brothers, Edward, Frank and William, all of Greene county, Kentucky, 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Robert Lee SKAGGS d. 11 Oct 1932 age 76 SJR 10-12-1932 p.11 died in spfld hosp., ser. Oakford M&E church, bur. Oakford Cem.

Petersburg, Oct. 11--Robert Lee Skaggs, 76, died in Springfield hospital today after a year=92s illness. He was in the hospital seventeen days. Deccedent is survived by a daughter, Myrta, at home; one son, Ryal, Morgan City, Ia., and two brothers, Charles of Loveland, Colo., and William J. of Jacksonville. Funeral services will be held at the Oakford M.E. church at 2 o=92clock Thursday afternoon. Rev. D.C. Byus of Jacksonville will officiate and iterment will be in Oakford cemetery.

Robert Lee SKAGGS d 16 Apr 1991 age 73 SJR 4-18-1991 p.31 Havana

Ruby A. SKAGGS d. 25 Aug 1997 SJR 9-9-1997 p. 17 Sun City West, Ariz. formerly of Spfld.

S. Lucille SKAGGS d. 26 May 1996 age 86 SJR 5-28-1996 p.8 Lincoln, formerly of Mason City

Ruth SKAGGS d. 26 Aug 1997 age 84 SJR 8-31-1997 p.6 Chatham, born Fancy Prairie

Theresa SKAGGS d. 24 Jul 1983 age 56 SJR 7-25-1983 p.18 of Edinburg

Thomas SKAGGS d. 16 Apr 1935 age 57 SJR 4-17-1935 p.11 of Greenfield, survived by wife Nellie and five children, mother Mary Skaggs and several sisters.

Thomas E. SKAGGS d. 25 May 1978 age 70 SJR 5-29-1978 p.17 Hamilton, formerly of Spfld. burial in Virden Cem.

Tommie SKAGGS d. 14 Jun 1954 age 9 SJR 6-16-1954 p.1 of Petersburg, drowned in Sangamon River

Velma Lucille SKAGGS see MAYES

Walter SKAGGS d. 21 Apr 1960 age 62 SJR 4-22-1960 p.38 of Lincoln, he was a former resident of Mason City. He was a retired employee of the Ill. Central RR Company, burial in Mason City Cemetery

Walter B. SKAGGS d. 1 Jan 1981 age 81 SJR 1-2-1982 p.16 He was a sales representative for the Standard Oil Co.

Willard E. SKAGGS d. 7 Jun 1997 age 53 SJR 6-9-1997 p.14 Petersburg

William SKAGGS d. 2 Nov 1962 age 85 SJR 11-3-1962 p.7 New Berlin

William B. SKAGGS d.22 Jul 1976 age 54 SJR 7-23-1976 p.29 Memorial Medical Center, WWII veteran

William C. SKAGGS d. 15 Mar 1982 age 73 SJR 3-17-1982 p.15 decedent was owner and operator of Skaggs Sales and Service Station in Chatham for 32 years.

William C. SKAGGS d. 9 Jun 1978 age 53 SJR 6-10-1978 p.30 Kilbourne, formerly of Mason City

William E. SKAGGS d. 15 Feb 1965 age 80 SJR 2-15-1965 p.16 born in Hodgenville KY

Services for William E. Skaggs of 422 S. 11th St. will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Staab Funeral Home. Rev. H.M. Hildebrandt will officiate and burial will be in Oak Ridge Cemetery. Mr. Skaggs, 80, died at 4:35 a.m. Monday at Memorial Hospital, where he had been a patient since Feb. 5. A resident of Springfield for 25 year, Mr. Skaggs was born in Hodgenville, Ky., a son of William and Emily Warren [one descendant shows maiden name as Ward] Skaggs. He had been employed by St. John=92s Hospital in the maintenance department until his retirement 10 years ago. Surviving are his widow, Carrie (Conner); three daughters, Mrs. Audrey Grubb of Rochester; Mrs. Hazel Lawrence and Mrs. Mary Lou Baptist, both of Springfield; one son Gilbert Skaggs of Leesburg, Fla.; six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren.

William M. SKAGGS d. 12 May 1964 age 88 SJR 5-13-1964 p.4 of Chatham, a retired carpenter, born in Jamestown, KY

William R. SKAGGS d. 29 May 1991 age 38 SJR 6-1-1991 p.32 of Fort Dodge, IA, formerly of Springfield, died in Iown City, IA

William T. SKAGGS



Mrs. Josephine Stillwell, 202 South Canal street, has returned from Elizabethtown, Ky., where she attended the funeral of her father, W.T. Skaggs, 72, who was fatally inured when struck by an auto on the Bardstown road, eight miles east of Elizabethtown, June 25. Funeral services were held June 28 at the country home and burial followed in Hodgeville cemetery.

Mrs. Stillwell was spending a three weeks vacation at the home of her parents at the time of the accident.

Coroner Ben T. Perry said Skaggs was pushing a wheel barrow across the road when struck by a car driven by Frank C. Kronk, 20, a soldier stationed at Randolph Field, Texas. Kronk was enroute to his home in Pennsylvania with his wife and another soldier at the time of the accident. Surviving besides the daughter here, is the wife, Mrs. Mary Warren Skaggs, a son, Lemard Skaggs; a daughter, Mrs. Lucille Kaster, Rout 2, Elizabethtown, Ky.; a sister, Mrs. Florence DeSpain, of Springfield, Ill.; two brothers, Ed and Frank Skaggs, of Summerville, Ky., fifteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Willie Louis SKAGGS d. 31 May 1991 age 92 SJR 6-2-1991 p.25 resident of Chatham for 70 years, retired farmer

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