Welcome to my world.

Let those of faint heart or of delicate constitution not enter for I tread where many fear to step.

Who am I? Well I was born Troy David Rawls in Annapolis, Maryland. I was born to your average mainstream working class family. Nothing out of the ordinary, but that is far from who I have become. Early in my life I came to realize I could never be mainstream nor ordinary. It simply was not who I was, I knew I was beyond all that and it showed as I grew up. I was constantly searching for my niche, trying many different things, walking down many paths searching for who and what I am.
It wasnít until my late 20ís that I began to come into myself.
It took many years of reading, researching and experimenting that I began to understand what it was I believed and to be able to put labels on how I saw the world and my place in it. Now many people tend not to like labels but it does give one a good starting point in which to build on.
It helps as well to give me a solid foundation because to this day there is nothing that I believe in that I havenít researched into and found maybe not what is commonly held to be true but a truth based on what can be held up as time tested facts combined with rational thinking.
My little website here serves several functions for me. It gives me an electronic soap box, so I can reach out to the world and share my accumulated wisdom in order to assist in the enlightenment of humanity. It also serves as a place for people to find my poetic works. This in itself is an important, for I have many who do seek out my poems and I need the publicity. As a person I am what many would call a bohemian. I am not bound by the superficial things that matter to most such as religion, political alignments, race, creed, class, sexual orientation, social taboos, or national allegiance.
These things have been responsible for every war ever fought and every controversy that looms over humanity to this day even though in the big picture of the world and our future they are completely unimportant.
Now the most important thing to me in my life is my life mate Debra. She is the one woman in my entire life that I truly love, she is the one thing that keeps me on course and keeps me moving forward. There is a page here on my site dedicated to her.
Next to Debra the most important thing to me is my spirituality. Like everything else in my life I spent many years doing research before choosing my path examining every aspect and every side of many different religions. I started out as a Wiccan and now I am what I refer to as a Universal Gnostic Pagan, which means simply that I may use the Kemetic path as my spiritual genre I do also study and accept all truthful life affirming belief system. As I walk the Pagan path I took the priesthood name of Ravyn which was a nickname I was given for my poetry. But I continued it into my priest name and now that name is Lord Ravyn Ausar Redstarr.
As a holy man I see my duty to work for the betterment of the planet and all of humanity. To this end I work as an activist for many causes such as human rights, political change, religious rights, social change, and the environment.
To find out more about my spiritual and political beliefs please follow the links to my pages dedicated to these subjects.
Now my poetry is more then just what I write of what I do. My poetry is who I am it the core of my soul to understand it is to understand me.
So if you have the strength to enter my mind I invite you to read on.

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