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Michael M. Kislev

Michael M. Kislev
    Born: 1974 in Tel Aviv.
    Home address: 89 Sokolov Street,
    IL-47238 Ramat Hasharon,
    Telephone #: ++972(3)540 8534
    Fax #: ++972(3)547 1795

2003-in process M.A.: Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, Israel.
1997-2002     B.A.: Biblical Archaeology, and Semitic Linguistics.
Tel Aviv University,
Tel Aviv, Israel.
2003     Certificate: Information Management.
Ultra-Net Academic Center
Rishon Letziyon, Israel.
2000     Certificate: "2000 Megiddo Expedition".
The Institute of Archaeology.
Tel Aviv University with Pennsylvania State University.
Kibutz Mizra, Israel.
1999     Summer Workshop on "The Origins of the Alphabet".
The Center for Mediterranean Civilizations,
Tel Aviv University.
Tel Aviv, Israel.

Academic and Professional experience:
2000-2003     Research Assistant.
"Kulturkontakt und Innovation - der Einfluß der Hyksos auf das Neue Reich".
the Austrian Accademy, UNESCO
Tel Aviv, Israel.
1998-2002     Research Assistant.
Prof. Shlomo Izre'el.
The Section of Semitic Linguistics, the Tel Aviv University.
"Corpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew (CoSIH)".
Tel Aviv, Israel.
2000     Team Member.
The Re-Organizing group of the Fetlovich Collection.
Soraski Library. Tel Aviv University.
Tel Aviv, Israel.
1999-2000 Research Assistant.
Dr. Kathryn E. Slanski.
The Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University.
Tel Aviv, Israel.
1998 Area Supervisor.
The Baraqa Expedition.
Ramot Archaeology, Tel Aviv.
Baraqa, Israel.
1998 Area Supervisor.
The Kfar Truman Expedition.
Ramot Archaeology, Tel Aviv.
Kfar Truman, Israel.

Areas of current research interest:

  • Scripts in the Semitic World
  • Inter-relationships between Languages in the Semitic World
  • Ancient Middle Egyptian
  • The Akkadian Language
  • Canaano-Akkadian: The Mixed Language of the Amarna Letters
  • Northwest Semitic Languages

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