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Welcome to

The Cat's Lair

(A Guild of Roleplaying Cat People)

Our guild letters are KAT which stand for


K - Knowledge

A - And

T - Truth


As our own established civilization and race of people, our roots lead us back to the lessons our ancestors have passed down to us from generation to generation. Those lessons are this:

`To seek truth, ye must learn and have knowledge.`

So thus we travel forth, our ancestral lands now mixed with that of other races. Our appearance is different than the human's, as our bodies are covered with fur. Our ears are pointed and further up on our heads, and our whiskers twitch on our faces. Our tail alas, can not be used as a weapon, yet it does help with balance.

Our race is one of born warriors. Each cat child is taught how to fight. We often keep the heads or masks of those we have conquered as trophies in our homes and buildings.

One thing is certain, if ye come against a KAT, ye shall have to deal with claws and fangs as well as any weapon.

We are one with nature, as we love the wilderness. It is our home. Though we may enter towns, we are not comfortable there, and will only appear if strictly necessary.

We are vicious in protecting our own, and our lands and properties. Yet, our race is a neutral one, our individuals often turn to different alignments. Thus our actions may be different depending on the whole.

To join our guild of cat warriors thou must send an e-mail to Ye must have ICQ, and thy character must be able to recall. Please include in thee's e-mail thee's application for the guild answering the question why thee wishes to join, and what skill levels ye has. If ye has served in any guilds please list them and what type of guild they are. (Standard/Order/Chaos)

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(This tells the rules of roleplaying which all KAT will abide with) *required to read*

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Turning Order and Our Loyalties


KAT Tower

Blood Hunts & Our Enemies