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Hello, and welcome to the domain of the Fellowship of the Morning Star. We are a guild in RhyDin on AOL. Most of you who come here are members, but some aren't so the following paragraphs shall be an interductory to our guild.

We're a neutral guild, and are freelance. Anyone who wants to be a part of our fellowship, may freely join, as long as they fill out the application. The guild commanders are Vehan Flamchu Soulflare and Cole Dyne Soulflare. We are brothers, and were left alone on the streets when our mother died. We depended on each other for survival, so we know what loyalty is. We expect our members to be loyal to the guild until their death. We also will listen to any complaints, suggestions, problems ((Emotional or anything else)), or anything you want to get off your chest.

We invite you to join our family, and to make the best of your membership. Your only tasks will be to recruit 1 member at least once a month. We'll reward those who try harder though. Try to spar once a week, unless you have a really good reason. Thats pretty much it, we dont want you to fill out weekly reports or anything, so you should be fine if you can do those two things.

If there are any disputes within the fellowship, we'll attepmt to path them up, no matter what it takes to do it. Also, we relize our guild is quite secluded, making it hard to interact with other guilds. If you wish to spar with a member of another guild, you use your regular dice that you have in our guild. You can't use weapons, items, or spells that may be used in the FotMS.

All of this said, I hope that you find the FotMS to be a good looking guild, and join us soon. As I said before dont be afraid to E-mail either I or Vehan anytime you wish.