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Jet Center Softwares

My Honda Civic

Hi Im Jose Mari Reyes, most friends of mine call me Jet but my real nick is Joey. Anyway, I created the Jet Center Softwares to serve as my homepage where I can publish my written articles and softwares.  I am currently working as a Software Engineer for CDSI, a dynamic software company who's main products are software solution for Utility Type of business(Telecom, Water, Electric..), the company provides Billing and Usage based rating system, Web presentation in the form of Chameleon D3 (my pet project that turned into commercial software), I also created our in house small scripting language which I called Bax Script ( named after our utility guy Bax), we embed the Bax script in our software to make it configurable and programmable.

I got into computer when I was in high school. My father, who used to be a Fortran programmer for IBM at that time brought me a Texas Instrument TI/99A personal computer. I learned how to program in BASIC with this 16k memory sized binary cruncher. I got facinated on how the computer works so what I did was with my personal savings I bought myself a motorola micro computer (UAce or micro Ace) system, this baby doesn't have a CRT for display but instead a 4 segment LCD which looked like a christmas at night. Machine Language is the only way to communicate, I learned a few commands and started to make simple application like counters and calculator apps. Everything was cool until my friend showed me his IBM PC which was very new then. We learned how to program in C and X86 Assembly with this computer and we got proficient with it, we did some few games,simulations and lots of financial application.

I've finished my college education by accepting odd programming jobs, playing guitar gigs with my own band(MTC), building and selling guitar gadgets like distortion, compressor and chorus and by repairing consumer electronics and HAM radio(VHS and CB's), I don't have much money then, what all I have was a burning desire to finish college.

My first job was a C/C++ instructor at AMA, I didnt stayed that long, though I like the teaching job. In my second job, I was a system administrator and a part-time programmer, I like programming that's why I volunteered to create the company's Inventory system. I stayed there for half a year.

In my current job, I got the change to visit other countries, working with different people and diverse culture.  We visited most part of the US, some part of South East Asia and India. I handle the low level stuff, like system mediation. I am also part of the company's design team that produce the company's flag ship product; the Allegro Billing System (formerly Spectra CARES), right now my current projects are; Rating engine which allows me to create good robust and memory efficient algorithms, Chameleon D3 in which where I embed my own scripting language and The Upload application that reads information coming from the telephone switch. By this job I became familiar with different platforms, different flavors of Os, machines and their network environment.

My current hobbies are singing, playing guitars, playing games, recompiling unix program and cars!, I like cars a lot, right now Im hooked with my fifth generation Honda Civic(EG3) which I done few modification like changing the stock engine to a more poweful unit, bringing it back to JDM specs and some internal modifications, I am currently in the process of modifying my little Daihatsu Charade by changing its engine with the Turbo charge variant(GTti).

Well that's it. Hope you will visit me again. Thanks!!