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Dale Earnhardt Knives

To see a larger picture, just single click on any of the pictures

This is the "Goodwrench Service Collector Knife" Made by Hamilton Collection and approved by DEI. This come with COA, Number 0135, In a protective box and velvet pouch. Opens to over 7" in length.

This knife is made by Frost Cutlery 17-088. This is "Dale Earnhardt: 25 Years Of NASCAR Winston Cup Racing" Comes in a nice wooden display box w/ felt lining. Serial #600, comes with a COA and has etchings in the blade of his signature, #2, #3 and logo of the 25 years. Has his signature also in the wooden handle of the knife. Opens up to over 7".

This knife was made in honor of Dale Earnhardt's Life. Comes in a nice protective case and made by Classic Cutlery Collectables. This is a dual blade knife with his sidnature and 3 on one blade and The Intimidator-April 29, 1951*Feb. 18, 2001. A very nice hard to find knife.

This set is genuine Frost Cutlery collectible produced for Snap-On and honors Dale on his 6 Winston Cup Championships. Features two Stainless Steel Knives serial #01966 on both knives. Comes with COA and is in great shape. Nice display

Same as above, but this one honors Dale on his 7th Chapioship. Serial #01258.

This one is much like the 2nd and 3rd picture above, Except the box lid has all the information burnt into the wooded box. Looks real nice. Serial #298 also with a COA.

This knife is to honor Dale at his 7 Winston Cup Championship. On the lid it has A pic of Dale and all the years he has won and the knife itself also has the same on the handle. The blade is etched with "The Intimidator Rolls A 7" and a pair of dice. Serial #13893 and has a COA

This is a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Knife. Called "Racing Into The New Millennium 2000" made by Frost Cutlery. Thsi has two blades and on one has his car, signature, 2000, on the other blade has the Racing into the millennium and #8. Come in a real nice display wooden box and serial #213.

This is to honor Dale's finally winning the Daytona 500. Made by Frost Cutlery, Comes in a nice display box, Serial #927. Comes with a shealth and the blade is done in color and has His picture, Signature, Daytona 500 40th, 1998 Champion and his car number 3. Comes with COA. This I keep, but just like to show it.