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hello goo peeps! if you have ever been to my list before, you can see that it has changed quite a bit. i am no longer using this web page to list my goo collection. this is due primarily to the fact that angelfire sucks *SS...but i digress. i have moved all of my lists, with the exception the list of miscellaneous MP3's, and until i get a chance to move that, i'm going to leave that section intact.

i have moved the whole lot to if you are a trader and you don't use, i would DEFINITELY suggest checking it out. it makes things so much easier that you will probably kick yourself for not using it sooner...i know i am...

i am still ESPECIALLY interested in trading for shows played in colorado from 1999 on...i would be willing hook you up righteously for one! (i already have the pueblo show from 2000, but i'm still looking for the four others that i have in mind...fiddler's green in 1999, red rocks in 2002, the bon jovi show in 2003 (minus bon jovi), and the winter park show in 2003).

i have TOTALLY reorganized my goo stuffs. what that means is that i can make a cd for you that consists of most any of the tracks (i cleaned out the duplicates) listed under the section b-sides, mp3's, demos, etc. this will actually now be much easier for me than copying one of the disks under that category...what all this babbling breaks down to is that, if you are interested in a mix cd, i can do that, and if you are interested in having, say, audiogalaxy 1 exactly as is, i can do that too!

my goo video collection!

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audiogalaxy 1

iris (sean's remix), two days in february (EOAC, live on leno), wish you were here (w/ limp bizkit), another second time around (live, the end sessions), american girl (live, the concert for new york), don't change (acoustic, modern rock live), flat top (live acoustic w/ interview), slide (early version), silent night, dirt tracks demo (probably NOT actually a ggd song), DUTG instrumental demo 1, desperados (DUTG instrumental demo 2), buffalo story, john on being a rock star, john plays with a leaf blower, john speaks on supermarkets, john tells ricky martin joke (the end sessions), interview on trl (live 3-28-00)

audiogalaxy 2

opening muzak (live in amsterdam), dizzy (live in amsterdam), broadway (live in amsterdam), iris (live on letterman), there you are (live in tokyo), hold me up (live in rochester, '90), gimme shelter (live in rochester, '90), james dean (live in rochester, '90), up yours (live in chicago), on the lie (live in chicago), you know what i mean (live), million miles away (live in '95), there you are (live at temple 10-28-99), burnin' up (live from milwaukee), hold me up (live from milwaukee), iris and american girl (live, the concert for new york)

bits and pieces

dizzy (iris intro remix), naked (live acoustic), girl right next to me (demo), close your eyes (demo), cuz you're gone (demo), domino (demo), name (dance remix)


girl right next to me (modern rock live), slide (live on the end sessions), naked + impersonality + fallin' down + burnin' up [cuts off] (live in las vegas 1996 part 1)


dizzy (live), black balloon (acoustic live), broadway (live at the end sessions), slide (live at the star lounge 1999), iris (hard rock live), lazy eye (live in sweden), flat top (live from milwaukee), long way down (hard rock live), name (live at vh1 crossroads), lucky star (live '95), stop the world (live chicago 1993), hey (live), two days in february (acoustic live), don't change (live INXS cover), name (live acoustic - so rare, it bleeds), slide (live on conan o'brien), broadway (live on jay leno)

live 2

sweden intro (live), dizzy (live @ a day in the garden 1998), string of lies and just the way you are (live '95), hate this place (live in sweden), iris (live at the end sessions), slide (vh1 bbq live), we are the normal (96x acoustic), acoustic #3 (live), naked (live on the end sessions), hey + slave girl + name (live in las vegas 1996 part 3), broadway (vh1 bbq live), fallin' down (live), only one (live '95), already there (live 1995), don't fear the reaper (live), iris (live KROQ 1998), slide (live kids choice awards 99)

live 3

96X (99X?) live concert showcase (girl right next to me, impersonality, two days in february, long way down, another second time around, we are the normal, name), a 1000 words (unedited and new), all eyes on me (live), here is gone (live acoustic), i'm still here (acoustic on disney), i'm still here (live on regis and kelly), naked (live @ dick clark's rockin' new year's eve 1996), stop the world (live 1999), there you are (live in tokyo)


band intros (live in temple), baby love (w/ jay leno), acoustic #3 (live), cuz you're gone w/ a 1000 words, jenny 867-5309 (live, WDRE 1995), ballroom blitz (live), born to be wild (live), kind of the road (live), my girl (live), bitch (w/ Lance Diamond), do you believe in him (w/ lance diamond intro), do you believe in him (better quality), i'm awake now, tell me something i don't know (sscw demo), andy rooney impression (john rzeznik), republican joke (john rzeznik)

snippets :)

once in a lifetime (theme from good morning, miami), for your love (the yardbirds feat. john rzeznik), always know where you are (sung BY john rzeznik, not the bbmak version), i see you everywhere (with chris isaak), name (live KBCO studio c, vol. 8-13), hate this place (buffalo, 12.3.99), you know what i mean (live in rochester-track cuts off pretty early), i'm still here (first radio cut), dizzy (instrumental only demo)...the rest of the cd consists of the following clips...clear channel 9/11 psa, fast car (john sings a bit of 'fast car' by tracy chapman during a performance of WATN), john talking about them 'sucking' (i'm not sure where this is from but from what he is saying i'm guessing it's buffalo), john rzeznik on cats, john rzeznik on whatever happens happens, john rzeznik and robby takac slam nicole kidman, johnny's vocal exercises (a clip from the ross the intern skit), lewis 0720 (a bit of a radio clip from an interview that took place who knows where but which sounds pretty old), the uncle hank song, the white trash song (both of the previous clips sound just like little joke song type things that they threw into performances somewhere), and finally, hidden on the end of the cd, is an absolutely horrible cover version of iris (no offense if you're the person who did this, but DAMN)...

unplugged and unreleased

pride (w/ elmo), don't change, black balloon (acoustic), i don't want to know, nothing can change you, iris (acoustic~movie version), i wanna destroy you, i'll be there for you, slide (acoustic), lazy eye, stand alone, name (acoustic), hit or miss, take me out to the ballgame