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Chance Encounters

Friends are like butterflies. They start out kinda small, and rather insignificant- but then they grow into beautiful things.


Have you ever listened to the radio when they do one of those "call to win big prizes" or whatever? I do... but I never call in. To be one of the thousands of people to call in and try to be #8 is futile. I do, however, enjoy listening to the people who have won the prize and are ecstatic. I remember one day, while driving in the car...
I was with my friends D and J. D also was with me for my adventures in Cripple Creek. Come to think of it- D was with me for a lot of my crazy expiditions. Anyways- we were listening to the radio, when the DJ came back on the air. He had some guy on the phone who was really bored, and him and his roommates wanted to post their number over the air and see if any girls were interested in coming over to visit and party with them. Yup- we memorized the number. I mean, why not? Even if we never met the poor guys who gave us their number, it was something to do and we are always up for a little adventure.
We got to where we were headed and D immediately took the phone into the bedroom. After a little while, I began to wonder what she was doing in there, so I joined her. Turns out, she was making plans to meet the guys! I...didn't know what to do. I mean, that's a good way to get killed or something, if it's a crazy guy on the other end of the phone... but it also might be a cool way to meet some new people. This poor guy (Jerry) had not gotten any other calls from people, other than the DJ who was giving him a hard time about asking for girls to come visit him. So, we decided to take a chance. They lived way on the other side of town, in "ghetto-ville" but it was worth it to meet these strange desperate people. :) We made plans to meet at a gas station, near their house, and then we set off.
On the way there, my and D's feelings varied from excitement to worry. What if these guys were weirdos who just wanted a "good time?" What if they were horribly disfigured and became serial stalkers? What if they already were serial stalkers?! We hadn't the faintest idea what to expect.
Twenty minutes later, we were almost there, and then I really started to get butterflies in my stomach. From what D had found out about them, they both had long hair, and were tall. We finally arrived at our destination, and... we waited. And, we waited... and we waited some more. We figured they ditched us, and so D went to call. The guy who answered the phone said that the guys had left like 5-10 minutes before, and should have been there by now. Then, he asked us which gasstation we were at. Turns out, there was another one (same gasstation) just down the street, so we went to that one. There were two guys standing by the phone, both with long hair, and we figured... dum dum dum dum... it was them. We pulled into the parking spot and they came up to the window. We talked for a little while, we belittled them for not telling us that there were two of the exact same gasstations right next to each other, and they said that they were just about to go home because they thought we ditched them. What an odd first conversation.
To make a really long story short, we went back to their house and partied a little while. It was kinda awkward there, seeing how we met over the radio- but not too bad. Jerry called the radio station (who had been giving them shit all night) and proudly announced that there were two girls sitting in their living room "as we speak."
We still go over there fairly frequently. It's been almost a year since we met, and we still talk about that evening that we met over the radio. We have had a lot of fun with that radio station- (for anyone in Colo Spgs, it's KILO) and given them a hard time. Jerry's an intern there now... and D and I have several new friends- thanks to radio magic. Taking this jump into the wild yonder, not knowing what to expect was only the beginning of my crazy adventures with D.

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