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Thanks for visiting my home page! My name is Tony. I'm 6'1 Blonde Hair Blue Eyes. I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I lived in the beautiful "Tidy Town" of Malahide. I love to go back to Ireland and visit my family, Collette and John Fitzgerald (the best grandparents in the whole wide world) my uncles Leslie (lives in Chicago), Kenneth (He's the cooky one but I must say I'm a little CRACKERS too!) John and Derek. I'm also half Spanish. I havn't been back there in the longest time but I hope to go as soon as I learn some good Spanish. One of my best friends is Jennifer Russell. We do almost everything together. And we are both Star Wars and X-Men Looneys as well. By the by speaking of Star Wars and X-Men, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul are the best as well as the Toad and Wolverine! Of course meeting Ray and Ewan is a different story, because they live in London. One day I'll go there, so Ewan Mcgregor and Ray Park have a pen and paper ready!!! My hobbies are swimming running, camping, white water rafting, hiking, and hangin' out with friends at my pool. I love the new Star Wars movie and I can't wait to see Episode 2. I moved from the best city in the world NYC!!!!!!! to Colorado. Of course i love it here in the rocky mountain state, but i miss my best friends. Sandra, Joanna, Melissa, Michael, Vicky, Song, Francisco, Aieleen, and everyone else from St.Theresa's School. (You know who you are). Ada and Jazz, you guys are the greatest people to laugh with. Everything and anything makes you laugh which makes you guys really cool. Stick with it. It's the greatest personality to have! Oh and laughing burns calories away!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh and Ada, Jazz, never ever forget the day we got FLASHED!!!! at the beach!!! That was a day to remember!!!!My prayers go out to all the students at Columbine High School. May they have strength and courage through the 00-01 school year. I'm sure everyone that visits this page will say a little prayer for them as well. We all know this is going to be a really hard school year, but if we band together we will make it through! Nicholette I don't know what I would do with out you!!! Thanks to you I look forward to 1st lunch with you everyday! Stephanie you are also one of my most favorite friends!! Alex, maybe you should be a comedian when you grow up! You always keep me laughing!! You too are also one of my best friends!!!You are lots of fun to hang out with!!!! You're the best guys!! Swimming is my life. I'm on the varsity swim team in my high school, (Pomona Senior High Baby!), i also swim on a club team on a division called junior 2, which is two away from senior level! I've lettered in swimming, and I hope to make state. Pomona High School is the downright best school in history!! Go Big Black!!!! Panthers Rule!! A West, eat your heart out. Don't forget to e-mail me after you check out the rest of my page. My e-mail is included so YOU don't have any excuses!!!!!!

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