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Angel of Mine

"I dedicate this page to the one Angel in my life"
"You have made all my dreams come true"
"and have shown me what true love is"
Mated in vp November 8, 1998
Engaged September 1, 1999

Angel of mine You are apart of me
Just as I am a part of you
Our Souls have merged into one

Angel of mine I feel you when you wake in the
morning I feel your warmth blanket, promising me
new things I have yet to see, taste, and feel
Holding me tight in an embrace of love and total bliss

Angel of mine If I was to be taken from this earth today, tomorrow,or even night
I would know I have felt true love for it is what I feel
with you
Hold me forever in your heart, for if you look into mine
you look into mine you see that is where I keep you
safe always
No one shall ever take that away from me

Angel of mine you are the reason the sun
shines so brightly
Angel of mine you are the reason I hold true
and never shall I take false paths

For you are the reason I walk true to the Heavenly
glow of your love.