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Here are some punch-out links on the net. Enjoy!

Phred's Cool Punch-out Page
This page is weird in its own way. It includes a weird hacked version called Phred's Cool Punch-out (duh). Check it out

Phred's Cool Punch-out II Page
Here is Master Phred's second web page. It is based on a new hack (rumor has it that it is called Phred's Cool Punch-out II Turbo). You need a password to get in though. I heard from someone that the password appears on Straus Corfam's face (the hacked Mike Tyson on Phred's hacked rom) when you fight him. Haven't seen it yet.

RedTom's page
GREAT page! By opinion, this is the BEST punch-out page on the net! It makes Phred's page look like crap! Check this page out!

The Home of Punch-out
Fairly good page! Worth checking out though. That's all for now.

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