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Team Outlawed

This site is dedicated to Team Outlawed of Indiana.

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UPDATED DATES 8/17 @ 5:15 PM

We would like to thank you for visiting.

I would like to start by telling how we started playing paintball. Our team started playing in the spring of 1998. There were 4 of us that played on a regular basis. All four started with our Wal-Mart bought Brass Eagle Talons and Brass Eagle paint. It was fun for us to get out and goof off. The first semi automatic guns we ran into were from some friends from Bloomington. I invited them down to where we play. James had a Spyder and Frank had a Automag. We were impressed at the sight of them and were leary of playing them at first. For our first introduction to that firepower, we got a royal spanking. The first game, the semi's, wiped all of us out without any of us getting a shot off. After that first game we split up and began our learning of the paintball game.Since that day we have all upgraded to semi's and have done very well for ourselves. We are now playing in various tournaments around the state.

One funny story we like to tell from that day is as follows: Whenever someone was tagged and sitting on the porch they would hear something funny.Poop...Poop...Poop...The sound of our Talons firing. The funny part was what followed after. You would hear Poop...Poop...Poop... then imediately after would be a Pop.Pop.Pop.Pop. from the semis cutting us down. If that doesn't sound funny I guess you should have been there. Needless to say since we needed more firepower Ghost and I built paintball cannons which shoot up to 50 balls at a time.(For our senario games.)

Team Outlawed fears no team for one simple reason: If that team is better we will learn from them. To improve you must push yourself to higher and harder goals. Our team realizes this and is always up to any challenge from any team. All we expect is good and fair play. Our team will never cheat. That is bad on the team and disrespectful to whomever we play. If you are somewhat local, within 80 miles, give me a mail and we will set up a date to skirmish against one another. We love to play a good game against others. Contact Grumpy at our team mail box


Captain Nick Sipes a.k.a. GRUMPY...

Co Captain Kevin Kimbley a.k.a. GHOST...

Roger Hall a.k.a. LOSER...

Doug Christenberry

Jim Figg a.k.a. DOPEY...

And a few extras from time to time


62 Splat at Mooresville In. (Now the Gator Pit)

Paintball Fun in Lanesville In.

SpecOps Combat Paintball near Bloomfield In.

Bent Arrow Caving and Paintball Bloomington In.

Paintball Valley in Nashville In.

Of course our own wonderful field all 30 acres





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