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S.A.B.A. Honorary Director of Coaching

Dick Mctaggart squares up to Laszlo Papp as they recall memories when they both won Olympic Gold Medals in the 1956 Olympic Games. Pickture taken at St. Francis A.B.C.'s Tournament Scotland 'V' Hungary in 1975.

One of the very few boxers who came to matching Laszlo Papp's record in amateur boxing is our very own Dick McTaggart.

The Dundonian's record was nothing short of being immense.

His grand total reads. Fights 634. Victories 610. Defeats 24. Dick won 32 cups, 57 plaques and 49 medals.

Pride of place, of course, goes to his Olympic Gold Medal won in Melbourne, 1956. Dick was also awarded the Val Barker Trophy in Australia for being the world's most stylish boxer.

Four years later at the Rome Olympics, Dick won the Bronze Medal.

But his list of honours is almost endless. 1958 British Empire Champion in Cardiff. 1963 British Empire Silver Medallist in Perth, Australia. 1961 European Champion in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

He was ABA Champion five times, 1956, '58, '61, '63 and '65.

No fewer than seven times did he lift the Scottish title. In years 1957, '58, '59, '60, '62, '64 and '65.

During his spell in the services Dick continued his collection of honours. Imperial Services Champion 1954, '55, '56 and '58. Allied Forces Champion 1956. Royal Air Force Champion 1954, '55, '56, '57 and '58.

He also won the Britannia Shield in 1954 and '57 and the Duke of Hamilton Plaque in 1962.

Yes, next to Laszlo Papp, Dick McTaggart was probably the most successful amateur boxer in Europe.

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