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I'm not someone that knows how to make cool web sites. This is all I know how to do, sorry.

This site contains my thoughts on a lot of stuff and the photos are here(still not done). I plan on making a lyrics section soon. I'm always working on my site, but email me if there’s something wrong.

A StraightEdge person practices abstinence from substances that adversely effect his mental/physical well-being. (true) StraightEdgers do not smoke cigarettes (chew), drink alcohol, use drugs, or have promiscuous sex.
Some people have added on some "rules" to this list of what is StraightEdge, including (no meat) abstinence from caffeine, OTC medications, and a range of other things, but it all boils down to personal beliefs and viewpoints on what is harmful to you and your well-being.

Straight Edge has deep roots in punk and hard core. Back in the day, if you wanted to go to a show with alcohol and you were under age you would have to put and X on your hand. The bartender would check everybodys hands before serving peoples drinks. If you had an X, no drink. Many kids thought “hey I’m never going to drink, smoke, or do any drugs” and they were proud of it so they decided to just keep the X on their hands and wear it with their heads high. So that’s were Straight Edge came from.

  • You must be vegan/vegetarian
  • You must have been clean all your life
  • You have to beat up/hate everyone who drinks
  • You must be an atheist
  • You must have a straight edge tattoo
Those are just things some people believe because a band or their ‘friends’ told them you can’t be Straight Edge unless.... but they are all myths. Many of us fallow/do those things, but you can be Straight Edge and not fallow/do them.

I’m not Hardline, Hardline and Straight Edge aren't the same. Click here to learn why.

Click here to see a site that I love because it has facts on choices people make, and you just can't turn away from them.

If you have any questions about Straight Edge or just want some good info go to
Straight Edge F.A.Q.

You can see some really cool Straight Edge tattoos here
Vegan/-sXe tatueringar

I'm sick of the HATE EDGERS out there, beating people almost to death will not stop them from hurting them selves and others! I really don't like violence, it is, for the most part unnecessary. I guess you could say I agree with H2O in saying that you can walk away from a situation senseless violence is stupid. But if you find yourself in a fight you need to stand up and yourself. Never forget what you’re striving for in life - this is to everyone not just Straightedgers.


I have boycotted all products that I know come from sweatshops and I urge you to do the same.
Nike, Disney, Hyundai, Guess, Wal-Mart, Kmart, J.C.Penny, May Co., Victoria Secret/Limited, Esprit all use sweat shops
learn more go here
Labor Law Breakers and Their Crimes

Just because a company owns sweatshops doesn’t mean all the products are made in sweatshops so do some research.

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Our government is starting to make me sick! We’re not fighting for our freedom so why must we continue to kill. We have our freedom, why do we keep putting our troops all over the world. We’re just causing more problems. I will never kill or be killed for some politicians agenda, just because he or she feels we need more oil, resources or allies. As you’re laying there, in your final hour, gasping for air how would you like to know that you were dying for oil or as you pulled the trigger! What we need to do is learn to conserve as a nation. If there is ever a point when we have no other choice but to fight for our freedom, I will fight. But truthfully I don’t think we ever will. We have 12,000 nukes at our disposal, it would only take 2,000 to put us in nuclear winter. This seems like a disgusting show of power if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of our freedom but we are using it in such a vulgar way.

Earth Crisis


Brother's Keeper


Please!!! Do not buy that doggie in the window!!

ANIMAL RESEARCH  T A K E S   LIVES - Humans and Animals BOTH Suffer

Is There an Animal Abuser in YOUR Neighborhood? click here

Direct Action Saves Lives. Direct Action Saves Lives. This website supports the
Animal Liberation Front.

Want to show your support for the ALF? Click here for more info.
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The Puppy Mills<---good site

"Hard Core Is About Standing Up For What You Belive In!"

Some of my favorite bands are:
Zao, Forthcoming, Brother's Keeper, Few.Left.Standing, Earth Crisis, UNDEROATH, Dillinger Escape Plan, Embodyment, Overcome, Green Day, AFI, Coalesce, Ignite, Training For Utopia, Negitivland, , Spitfire, Spineshank, Living Sacrifice, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Ninety Pound Wuss, Dogwood, 7 seconds, Youth Of Today, Left Out, Craig's Brother, Vandals, the Suicide Mechines, MxPx, Bad Religion, Incubus, RANCID, No Doubt, , Minor Threat, Six Feet Deep, Vision of Disorder, Anti-Flag, Black Flag, The Living End, Misunderstood,, Battery, NOFX, Pinhead Circus,

I’m what I like to call an “Informed Christian” because I strongly disagree with the people that I see all the time walking around professing to be “Christians” yet they know nothing of the God they try to show others. I know religion is wrong. Religion is forced down so many kids throats from day one. These kids have no other choice but to walk around blindly hearing nothing but what mommy and daddy say is true.We quiver and this image branded into our minds of a father figure shaking his finger passing judgement. THIS IS NOT WHAT GOD IS! God is loving and wants nothing more but to embrace and forgive. People who fallow a “religion” are bound by rules that they will obey for reasons mainly of pleasing a higher power or furthering themselves. Personally I don’t believe in religion because all my beliefs consist of things I want to do, I am not forced to not steal, kill, even get drunk and so on. I could do those things because I have freewill, I just don’t want to they seem like a senseless waist of time.
I looked around for myself and discovered the truth with my own eyes. I am not an ignorant clone! Don’t confuse me with the hypocrites that use “God” only to help themselves and slash down others. My God offered pureness to me, which is what I strive for in many aspects of my life. I’m not forcing my beliefs on anyone, I just felt it would be wrong and hypocritical to have a site based on what I believe and not put something about my beliefs on God. If you choose to disagree with me, that’s fine. I just wanted my believes to be known.
If you are one of the people that think that you can’t believe in God and be Straight Edge, feel free to e-mail me some proof. I know that many of the first Straight Edge bands had some things against Christianity but they all acknowledged that if you fallow the Straight Edge ethic you are Straight Edge. Having a God that you know supports your lifestyle is not a bad thing by any means.

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The Official Tribute Site Of
Six Feet Deep
A really good hard core band!


My Friend's Site. We don't see eye to eye but she's my buddy.

Interview with Disciple

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