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  Rose Mountain Pottery & Glass Studio

Fetish Jars


Glass Art

Kiln fired, fused glass
“Lotus Blossom Candle Sticks”:  Whether by itself or in a grouping, these unique pieces make an elegant statement.  The base is made of carved ceramic, glazed with an antique brass finish.  The bowls are made of kiln fired art glass in beautiful iridescent, jewel like colors, and can be nestled inside each other.  You select the height of the stand, the number of bowls, and the color theme, and I’ll put  a beautiful custom arrangement together for you.  If you select one or two nestled bowls you can use a votive or larger sized pilar candle.  If you select three bowls then a votive candle is necessary.

Select from the following bases: 

Height:    3"  - $12.00
              5"  - $15.00
              7"  - $18.00
              9"  - $22.00
            11"  - $24.00

Kiln Fired Glass Bowls:

1: The largest bowl, rests on base, has gently fluted edge - $28.00
2: The second sits inside of bowl #1, has scalloped edge-   $25.00
3: The third bowl sits inside of #2, has scalloped edge -      $22.00
.Select from the following colors:
Base - The color shown here is Antique Brass in a carved form.  I can also make them with a solid base, in a large variety of colors. 

Bowls - select a color theme from: golds, blues, greens, purples.  My color palette of glass can also be mixed and matched together to create beautiful combinations. 

Note bowls are designed to nestle into base and each other.  They will not sit on a flat surface by themselves.


Hand-made scented pillars can be ordered to match your selection.  From Crestone artist, Susannah Ortega, I have selected two complimentary colors with my favorite fragrances.  Choose either Ivory with a cedarwood fragrance or Pale Sage, with a cedar and sage fragrance. 

Pillars are approximately 3" wide and 2.5" - 4" high.  Please indicate when you order your candlesticks, if you would like candles included. 

Hand-made pillars: $7.00 each
Commercial Votive: $1.50 each
If you are interested in contacting Susannah about her full line of hand-made candles, she can be reached by E-mail at:
Rose Mountain Pottery & Glass Studio
P.O. Box 224, 4110 Cordial Way
Crestone, CO 81131
(719) 256-4707