CHILD PORN QUEEN?


Ok, so maybe the title might be a bit extreme.  But you get the point.  We're talking about sex, so if you're offended by that read no further.

    "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny?"  Child porn queen?  Well, maybe not child porn queen but she does use children to get her ratings up.  She's not the only one (Sally, Maury) but I think she's a chief leader .  I first learned about this in American Culture class. I thought they was looking "too deep" until I started studying it myself.  Alright, here we go.
    You ever seen one of her shows with a title like "My Daughter Dresses To Sleazy", or "My Daughter Is A Tramp."?  This is how it usually goes.  Jenny talks to the father or mother about their child.  The parent then blabs about how their daughter is out of control, wears too much make- up, ect.  This is all to build up anticipation of for the "big surprise".  Then after they chat for a couple of minutes, Jenny tells the girl to "Come on out!!!"  And what do we see?  A 16 year old girl dressed in a mini skirt, lots of make up and sexual looking.  Yeah, I said SEXUAL.  How do I know this?  For one, the reaction of the crowd.  If the girl has a young looking face, then the audience acts with disgust.  But if she's 16 and looks very mature there's a whole different reaction.  The women still act with disgust. But the men are hollering and whistling like it's some type of "show".  Some of these guys are old enough to be her father.  And what does Jenny say.  "Remember guys she is only 16."  Please, lady.  She did these type of shows plenty of times and knows the of reaction she's going to get from the crowd.  Remember, it's her show.  If they don't want the girls to dress in mini skirts and make up, they can tell them to wear something else.  But they want this.  Gets the rating up and at the same time sells taboo sex.
    Why do I say taboo sex?  Well, that gets us to the second part of her show:  the pictures.  It's not enough for us to see them dress provocatively, tell us about their 30 year boyfriend and what drugs they're using.  We got to see pictures.  Hello?  Pictures of a teenager in sexual poses.  Now the last time I checked, this is called CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.  If a person would have those pictures on the web, the FBI would be reading them their Maranda rights.  But not on talks shows.  We have to see the "realism".  They show the same type of pics on  shows with adults.  Like "My Wife Lost Weight, Now She Dresses Too Sexy."  They show the girls bending over, dazzy dukes, seductive looks.  Of course, the audience is "appalled".  But Jenny gets the shock effect and at the same time exploiting the girls.  I mean, why else would she have to show pictures?  They want the viewers turned on:  some emotionally and others in a perverted way.
    Of course, some of you probably thinking I'm looking too deep, but you gotta look "beneath the surface."  These people will get ratings no matter what.  What really convinced me was a Jenny show I saw this summer.  They had a girl who dressed too "sexy" for her age.  She claimed she could dance very well and this 30 something year old woman challenged her.  So what did Jenny do?  She had a dance contest right on stage.  The girl was butterflying, poppin, the whole nine.  I'm not trying to bash her but the truth is the truth.  The creator of these shows know what they're doing.  One of the sickest was when they had a "Her Child is too young for Pageants."  Obviously, it was because of the media hype over the Ramsey case. They wasn't showing off these little girls like the teens shows but it was still sick.  I cut it off.
    My point in writing this is to get you to look beneath the surface.  You might think I went too far and that's O.K.  But don't just be a passive watcher.  I'll admit that I still watch talk shows when I'm not in school.  But not shows like this.  Cause in this case they're exploiting children.  Like I said in my last article:  How far is too far?

Jenny Jones

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