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Fun Stuff
    There are some alternative things to firing potatos. For example, you can get a few good shots out of an apple if you cut it in half. When firing once, my friend and I put in a fairly thin piece of potato (left over after I shot the rest of it). On top of that, we gently slid an egg down the barrel so it rested on the potato. We did this twice with two very different results. The first time the egg must have caught on something on it's way out of the barrel, because there was a mess of egg flying through the air. The second time we got really good distance and the egg stayed whole untill it hit the ground.We also tried using a "seasonal item" That is, a chunk out of a pumpkin left over from halloween. The pumpkin was great because we got about ten shous out of the thing. Last winter I tried using snowballs. These work fairly good as long as you pack them hard enough, and you're careful not to bust the snowball as you're putting it in. (Just please don't shoot them at people) Sometime in the near future I'm planning to modify a piece of two inch pipe so that i can use it to make ice slugs. I'm not sure yet if just putting a cap on the end will work, or if I'll have to do something else.

    I recently found out about how far my potato gun shoots. I was at a lake where there was plenty of room, and I was actually able to see where shots landed no matter how far they went. Up to that point, all I knew was that the potatos were clearing houses that were about 100 yards away, and they were still rising when they passed over the houses. Anyway, when you shoot potatos into lakes, they make a heck of a splash, and to my best judgement, I was getting about 250-300 yards out of a good shot. That's farther than I've read about any other combustion guns. To get a more accurate measurement, I'm going to try and secure the use of a driving range sometime soon.

    Finally, some fairly big news. One of my friends and I are planning to design and build a new gun sometime in the next few months. This thing is going to be HUGE. I'll post more when we've decided on some things, like weather it's going to be combustion or pneumatic. We're toying with a few ideas. Only bad thing - it's going to be a lot more expensive to build than my other plan. This should be offset by the power and distance it will produce.

Write me about your experiences, so I can have more stuff to add to the page. Pictures would also be nice.  Mail me your stories and pictures!