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        For those of you who have been buried in a grave inside a cave in an underwater mountain covered by a three mile thick ice sheet on another planet in an alternate universe and might not have been around to see her magnificence, Jeri Ryan is the most beautiful actress alive. Jeri plays Seven of Nine, a 1/2 human, 1/2 cybernetic drone on the hit television show Star Trek: Voyager. Severed from the "Collective" (just imagine cybernetic zombies gone communist in the 24th century), she now struggles to regain her humanity, and plays an active role as part of the crew.

        Personally, Jeri is a gifted actress and a mother of a four year old son, Alex. She was also Miss Illinois 1989 and 4th runner up Miss America 1990. She has appeared on many other television shows including Time Trax, The Flash, Dark Skies, and also several films before landing a steady role on Voyager. (see also Filmography)      

        Born in Munich, Germany on February 22, 1968, she was raised mostly on army bases all over the U.S. as an army brat as her dad was Sgt. Jerry Zimmerman, now retired. Her parents finally settled in Kentucky when she was 10 years old. She grew up competing in various pageants until eventually competing in the Miss America pageant in 1990. She tried some modeling in her early 20's, but it didn't seem to suit her taste and pursued a career in acting. (see also FAQs)


Article contributed by Anthony Ventura


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