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Samson The Betta

Hi my name's Jacob and Samson is my pet Betta. If you're wondering how I named my Betta Samson you're going to find out right now. In the Bible there was a man named Samson and he was the strongest man in the world and Bettas are also called Siamese fighting fish so I named my fighting fish after the strongest man in the history of the earth.

Bettas or siamese fighting fish are Anabantids; Bettas and other fish that are Anabantids can survive inwater with concentration of disolved oxygen, because they have an air-breathing organ which will allow them to breathe air at the surface of the water. The organ is called the "Labyrinth" and thats why you see bettas in cups or bowls. Bettas are in cups and bowl mainly because they'll fight to death.

Many people often think that Labrinths may be put into overcrowded aquariums because people think the bettas get thier oxygen from the surface.This practise is worse than poor.

!!!!!!!!IT CAN BE FATAL!!!!!!!!!

Heres some questions I asked that you'll ask if your thinking of buying a Betta

Where do I buy Bettas?

You can buy Bettas in pet store like Petsmart (where I bought Samson) or some department stores like Wal-mart. Bettas cost in the range of three to four dollars.

Where can I keep Bettas in?

I use a onegallon aquarium with a under-gravel filter and a pump but a cup, jar or bowl will do. You do not need a Bubbler for bettas because Bettas are able to breathe air at the surface as well as in the water because they have a special organ in their forhead. Do not put two male Bettas in one aquarium or they will fight.

The graphic below reminds me of a Bettas home in the store.

What do Bettas eat?

Total Tropical Flake Food, Community Bites, and Freeze Dried Bloodworms

How much do I feed my Betta?

As much as he or she can eat in three minutes


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This graphic looks like one of my cats looking into my aquarium

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You are the A Counter fish to swim through my page sence July 26,1999

Thanks for visiting Samson and I and please come back soon

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