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Gardens By Design Post Office

This is the place to WRITE computergif or PICKUP mailboxgif a Free Digital Postcard. Send an unforgettable message to your friends. If you have any questions then consult the Digital Postcard FAQ.

How do I write or receive a card?

Click here computergif to start writing your cards. Find the category you want, click on the image and when you have found the one you want to send, follow the easy instructions.

While creating a postcard, you can customize its layout by choosing optional pictures and sounds. After submission of that form a postcard review will be displayed and you can change the settings in case you don't like the card.

Click here mailboxgif to pickup a card someone has sent you. The recipients will be notified about their postcard by a simple email message. They will also be informed about its location on our server. We will provide them with a unique pick up number which is required to request the postcard.

It's as simple as that. So:

Have fun and send a free digital postcard to friends and family. They'll love it! And so will you.

Background graphics on this page is by Graphics by Tess

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