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Duck Soup's Ponyland Tours

Quack, quack! Welcome to Duck Soup's Ponyland Tours! I will be your guide during your travel through Ponyville. Here is many links to other pony sites and/or trade pages. Some are from the UK so you can find some UK ponies without the hassle of ebay. However, ebay is included if you'd like to take a quick look as well. Dreamchaser is going to update this page as much as possible, but you know... Time is not something she has an abundance of.

I will warn you, Dreamchaser is not responsible for any bad trades by putting this page here. To the best of her knowledge, these are honest people. She has not dealt with all of them though.

Included is the country which they live if I know it, to help get an idea of shipping costs.

Kimberly Shriner's Dream Valley, the collector's guide to My Little Pony A great site for finding information! Though she usually doesn't have much to trade, but the information is awsome in itself! She's the one who started the online pony webcraze!

Tanya Farr's Trade page She's from Canada! Ah ha! She has moved her page!

Pony Relocaters Nice graphics, and you can download the clearest pony MP3s around!

Grundle Land, Wind Whistler's page She often has some really HTF things here. She's from the US.

Spaced out Ponies from Mars A cute page that's out of this world!

Summerwing's Shoppe Nolonger collects, but she was a long time member of the pony community.

Shar's Trade and Sale page A lot of great stuff for trade or sale, at reasonable prices too! She has complete outfits, and mail orders. I bought and traded often with her. She is from the US.

Rewetzel's Main Page A really cute page:) Looking for what accessories go to what playsets? Here you go! She's from the US.

Baby Licorice's Sale Page She is from the UK, and usually has some nice UKs, as well as tons of regular ponies.

Ivy's Pony Page A great place to find pony pictures for your site!

Ebay listings, My Little Pony Ebay auctions for My Little Pony. (What more needs to be said?)

My Little Pony Trading Post A good place to post your trades.

Justine's Sale Page She's from the UK, and often has some rare stuff here!, 'nuf said!

Locket's Page? If anyone knows where she went, PLMK!

Baby Sunribbon's Page her site is cute, and has some nice things here too.

Sunshower's Main Page She's from Canada, and a nice person to trade with.

Tabby's Toy page Usually a lot of nice things. She's from the US.

Tootsie's PonylandShe was a very good trading friend of mine. She nolonger collects :(

Xayide's Dream Valley Great webpage layout.

Full Moon Graphics Not a pony collector, but she has awesome professional graphics, for free if you link back J

Accessory Addicts! Need I say more?

This Pony Accessory Traders site owned by Dreamchaser.
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