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Mr. Moochick's Mushromp
tips and services to improve your ponies

Last updated January 15, 2004

Hello Little Ponies!

I am Mr. Moochick. Do your ponies need help? I have great tips and services everyone can use!
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Please use extreme caution when doing any of these projects. When using sharp or hot utensils, please ask your parents for help if you are under the age of 18, or are a little clumsy. (don't be afraid to ask someone else for help, I'm a little clumsy too and need my husband's help sometimes)

Repair your playset hinges yourself!
You can repair your ponies beloved homes, here is what you need:
#6 type plastic in the desired color (in example, disposable razors)
plastic cutters (penny scissors work well)
metal file(s)
hack saw blades (optional, but can come in handy)
model glue
Lots of patience and time
Cut the plastic to the desired shape, file edges and glue to your playset. Let dry undisturbed. If the color of plastic you want is too thin, cut and glue together layers to thicken, but make sure it is fully dry, otherwise it will fall apart. make sure you cut and file the piece after you glue and dry it, because the glue actually melts and fuses the plastic together, causing some warping of the plastic.

Has your poor pony lost her sparkle?
You can reglitter your pony's symbol using waterbased varnish and a tiny paint brush. Then sprinkle stamping glitter (or nail glitter is perfect, but more expensive) over the area you wish to re-glitter. Voila! Your ponies are like new once again.

Confused on how to make custom pony symbols?
Try using acrylic paint, and then apply waterbase varnish over it with a thin paintbrush.

Stumped on how to re-hair?
You will need:
Needle nose pliars
scissors (but not pointy ended)
a small embroidery needle
Hair to rethread
A hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
an old pen or pencil with a blunt end (will be thrown out in the end)

First make sure the head is removed, and all old hair is removed as well. You can get rid of the excess hair by giving the pony (the one to be re-haired) the most extreme buzz cut you can give. Use the scissors (slightly open) to remove the hair from the inside of the neck. Use the slight opening to pull out the excess hair back through the neck opening. Use the blunt ends of the scissors to pull out the hair by pushing through the neck carefully.

Use the needle nose pliars to remove the bunches of hair from the head.
Cut the desired hair, thread the needle, and push in the needle through the outside of the neck (in the existing plug holes). Use the pliars to grab the end of the needle as it comes through the inside of the head. Make sure you hang onto the ends of the hair, or you will have to start over.

You may also want to use the pliars to push the needle through the holes. It makes it much easier. Just be careful not to break the needle. You might want to get it started with your fingers first.

When you are done threading all the hair, get the hot glue gun ready.
Put gobs of glue where the ends of the hair is, while holding onto the hair gently so it doesn't get pulled inside the head. Use the back end of the pencil or pen to smoosh the glue around so all the hair is entangled in the glue. When cooled, you should have all the hair in place, and it should not fall out if done properly.
You will have to keep the pony in a cool place so the glue doesn't melt, but you should store your pony like that anyway.

I will tell you more secrets later, but right now I'm a very busy Moochick!