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Living Room

Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Guest Bath

Utility Room

Special Features

All floors are either saltillo tile or off white Burber carpet. Three patios and large fenced area combine to make this home secure and self contained.

Totally off the grid, using full solar with a back up generator; its own well and septic system and 1,000 gallon propane tank, gives you the freedom to enjoy your home totally independent of the world around you, other than the telephone.

This home can be shut down in 5 minutes and can be left unattended indefinitely without fear of freezing etc. Adjoining acres are available for those who need more space. Monolithic domes have been proven to withstand 300 + m.p.h. winds, zone 4 earthquakes, fire and insects for those who are safety conscious.

Northern Valley Realty, Inc.
POB 10, Crestone, CO 81131
(719) 256-4444