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Come and meet the friendly faces of #coroom. I started #coroom last year but everyone finally convinced me to get it registered at the beginning of 1999. So come on in and meet the gang........

The OP's

Info Form.....Please fill out so I can add you to the page!

Country Info Form...Tell us all about your countries customs and celebrations...Just email me back this form so I can make a page for it!

The Regulars

AdrainJ, Allysyn, AntiochWV

Bassius, Cattailz, Coor
_Champ, Cyclops, |The Crow|
Cowboy 31, `Dreamr, Vitoman
Graveyard, Jayde, LadyBlue
LaraCroft, ^^loj^^, Mad-Rose
CdnGuy, RD-TRP, Sarah^
Net Sh^rk, Sexy Steph, Tosca
God, Vermillion, Wi1dcard
Ski-66, Lacey 34, Mad_Zero
HmDDevil, SirDragon, RkyMtnKid
E|vis, CodeManDK, Azzkikr
opium, Tristan`,`Savanah,
DC_23, WHTigress,Donut
Stonic,T-Police, CybrCrow

You can join us in chat from this page. You don't have to have mIRC or pirch to come chat with us. Just enter a nickname and hit enter!

*Special thanks to Trinity` for all of her help in making the buttons and showing me the right html......I love ya girl!!*