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Slugster Comics

Starring Cifirtacus Slugster!


Also, two new comics up! See below!
Welcome to the "Cifirtacus in Slugster Comics" main page. Click on any of the images below to read a Cifirtacus Comic!

The last comic was added December 16.

All comics © 2000 Kane Lynch. Every comic is available for publication, but you must ask for permission. Every page with a "Hear This Comic!" picture links to a WAV file featuring an audio dramatization of that page. For more info on that, click here.

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A super-spiffy Cifirtacus story, from the creator of The Tongue!

Once you open a comic, click on each page to view the next one.

A very special holiday story, about an unloved slug name Nicolai.

Cifirtacus and Socrates find themselves trapped in a mysterious house, with Boogie Blimp missing! To add insult to injury, the house is stuffed with crazed characters from other webcomics! A super-cool Halloween crossover, where Cifirtacus meets the characters from Unlike Minerva, HOSERS, GREB, and Pixelated.

When Emperor Valentio dies, guess who becomes Sluginia's new ruler.

Are we inside our outside?
Cifirtacus and Socrates tackle an age-old question.

Attack of the Censor!  As seen in

"The Attack of the Censor!"

The Cifirtacus story that appeared in the Rocket Takeoff zine. Social commentary! Very loosley based on a true story.

The Mysteries of the Kapybara Chamber!

Compu-Comic #3

"The Mysteries of the Kapybara Chamber"

Enroute to the mysterious DiCaprio Station, Cifirtacus and Socrates encounter a stowaway.

The Cifirtacus Origin Story!

Compu-Comic #1

The Cifirtacus Origin Story!

Cifirtacus en español

Ordenador Libro Cómico # 2

La historia del origen de Cifirtacus en español gravemente traducido!

Read Cifirtacus in "Wired for Christmas", a new book by Plan 9 Publishing! All profits go to the Salvation Army.

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