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Candy's Little Angel Candy's Little AngelCandy's Big AngelCandy's Little AngelCandy's Little Angel

Angels Of Heaven Perform At Their Best.
While Observing Us In Our Daily Quest.
Sacred And Divine Though They Truly Be.
They Stand As Guardians Over You And Me.
From Heavens Hall There Is One For All.
We Each Have An Angel On Personal Call.
Angels Are Always Within Our Reach.
They Are Here To Care, Heal And Teach.
So If Life Becomes To Much To Bear.
Remember Your Angel Is Always There.
God Sends Them From His Kingdom Above
To Shower Our Sorrows,
With Comfort And Love.

~By Paul Glaze~
Angels Above
starMy Dedication To Angelsstar
I Love Angels and have many in my life.
I cherish all of them and dedicate this page ,
to there wisdom and beauty.
starThank you Messagestar
I would like to say a big thank you,
to my friends who gave me these angels.
and to the Authers for these wonderful Poems :)

angel gifangel gif

Sweet Heart Angel
Angel thoughts on cloudy days
Help to keep the blues away
Surround your thoughts with angel cheer
And perhaps you'll hear a message clear
Of sunshine and blue skies and breezes slow
On silver white wings over mountains with snow
Through sun swept valleys and trickling streams
Clouds will vanish as sunlit beams
Lighten your way.

~By Larry Lafferty~

Love & Protect Your Loved Ones
The Guardian
There are those who believe,
So the story is told,
That at birth you receive,
Your own Angel to hold,
You come into this world,
On a wing and a prayer,
And throughout your lifetime,
She will be there.
A Guardian Angel,
Who will guide what you do,
Her pure essence is love,
Sent to watch over you.

~Auther Unknown~


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