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WWF Rules & Regulations

Rule #1

To stay successful in the WWF e-fed, you should set goals for yourself. One of the rules are, you must roleplay 2-5 times a week. If you RP five or more times, you're looking at a pretty good career. But remember, in RPing, it's QUALITY not QUANTITY that counts!!

Rule #2

You CAN NOT pretend to be or RP as someone else's wrestler. If we find out that you do this, this could call you for a suspension or getting fired.

Rule #3

If you want to join a stable, turn your back on someone, interfere in a match, or challenge another wrestler, you must go to one of the four new links on the main page. They are titled as I listed them above. If you do not go to any of these pages, then we at the Front Office may miss some things!!

Rule #4

If you want to join the WWF Front Office, or get a job in the WWF Personnel, you must go through the President, Vice President, or the Commissioner first. It has to go through one of us three before it is final. And the Vice Prez & Commissioner will eventually take it to the Prez for further discussing.

Rule #5

If you want to have a special or gimmick or stipulation match with someone, you have to go to the "Challenge a Wrestler" link in order to challenge them. In that form, you can fill out pretty much ANY kind of match you could think of.

Rule #6

We hope all of you in the WWF e-fed follow all of these rules, and don't break not one of them. If you, for some reason, happen to break one of these rules, you will most likely have to pay for the consequences. And on a side note, to join the WWF e-fed, go to the join page, and join through there! Or, if you want to join the WWF in an easier & faster way, just ask the Prez over ICQ or on the RP board.