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WWF RP Guide

How to stay ahead of the pack

Here are a few important rules to live by if you want to be a successful roleplayer in the great organization that is World Wrestling Federation... As the writer of this article, these are the rules I follow myself when I use to RP in feds. I'm a former Tag Champ, two-time World Champ, Cruiserweight Champ, and I was also a European & IC Champ at one time. I hope you take my advice, and if you don't... too bad for you. Hey, it won't hurt ya to read on...

Rule 1: Be original.

This is, and by far, the most important point you must acheive. Too many e-wrestlers look and think alike those days. There are, in my opinion, way too much Steve Austin, The Rock, and Undertaker look-alikes. I have nothing wrong with that, as characters can share some points with real wrestlers, but the key to be original is to find something that will make your character UNIQUE. He must have something in his way of reacting, in his gimmick, that will set him apart from the pack. This applies not only in the character, but in the way he talks, acts, dresses, etc... Try to find some cool quotes that only your guy will say. No matter if your wrestler is inspired from a real one or if he's purely created, make sure he does have that touch of originality, something that only him will have, that will make him special.

Rule 2: Be honest.

Too many people want their guys to be perfect, almost like they were invincible demigods. The problem is those people never want to admit they can have flaws. The truth is, nobody's perfect, even though everybody would want to be. This is one way to be original and unique, as well. You must look at your characters' personalities from both sides. Of course, a wrestler's weakness can be used against him, but the simple fact you do admit your weaknesses also gives you an extra push with the fed head (hehe that's me), as that's the essence of roleplaying. Don't fear to admit your character's flaws, because it will make him only more interesting and it will also highlight his strengths.

A few other tips

I know that's a lot of stuff and regulations, but many of those things come naturally, while others just help make your RPs better.

What is a roleplay

"First of all, let us discuss what a roleplay is. A roleplay is NOT just an interview or a flash. In a roleplay, you take on a ROLE! Just like in a play. Every flash or interview is not a roleplay. If you aren't playing a role that stays consistent throughout that wrestler's career, then you are not roleplaying. You are flashing or you are just interviewing. They aren't the same. True, a wrestler can change their "gimmick." But even then, he must stay consistent within whatever new role he is playing to be considered a true roleplay.For example, a wrestler who is one time outspoken and another time very withdrawn is not truly a proper roleplay -- unless inconsistency is part of his role.

For example, if you were to go to the Fredricksburg Civil War battle site, you would see people hired by the park who are playing roles as Civil War soldiers. You can sit down with them and talk to them and they will respond to you just as a real CW soldier would if they were back in the 1860s. Their roles include a fake name, a fakeplace of residence, etc. They play it to the hilt. And they stay very consistent within their roles. They don't say they came from Indiana and then the next sentence say they were born in Alabama.

This is why many people are not truly roleplaying. They don't have any idea of who there characters are, or else they have not fully developed them in their minds. As a result, too often the so-called roleplays come out contradictory or in just one big mishmosh of who knows what and you never really get a good idea of just who these characters are.

I personally roleplay people I have known in the past. It's fun for me to respond to people and situations according to how I believe they would respond in the given predicaments they find themselves in. Would they run, or would they fight? Would they laugh, would they cry, would they swear?

I have one wrestler modeled after someone who did a lot of swearing. If I were to be true to how this person acted, I have to place profanity in their roleplays (although it doesn't do anything for your rp itself). It is part of their personna. Part of their character. Could I get around it? Not if I wanted to capture the essence of that person.

For example, if you were to roleplay Reggie Lewis, could you roleplay him in a New York Knicks uniform, and comment how great Starks is? If you did, you wouldn't be capturing the essence of the man. It would be like roleplaying Madonna as the girl-next-door.

If I were roleplaying me, I would never swear or use profanity. But if I am roleplaying a particular person who used profanity a lot, it wouldn't be true to the role being played if there wasn't profanity somehow indicated, even if it's "shit" or something like that. It would be like roleplaying Scott Hall without his toothpick. Or Steve Austin without him talking about kicking someone's ass."

Great tips on roleplaying

"Okay... Here are some tips on how to be a successful roleplayer. These are general, if you have any more specific questions, mail me with them and I'll try to answer them for you.

1. SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION. Make sure you spell all of the words you use right. Go back and double check if needed, but just try to catch the spelling errors and typos as you write. Make sure you leave spaces between words, so DON'T write like these examples...

Bad Examples.

(1) "youre dead!ill bete you in the ring!big dammy!"

(2) "Your dead, I'll beat you in the ring on monday"

In (1), the main problem was it was written by someone who is obviously illiterate. No capital letters, no spaces, it was pathetic. That person would NEVER win a match, unless they were against someone that died and was unable to roleplay.

In (2), it was good except for two things. They spelled "Your" wrong, it should've been "You're" in that use of it. And at the end, there was no period. It's still possible to win like that... But you better have some good stuff in there if you spell your words wrong frequently.

2. DON'T MAKE YOUR WRESTLER SOUND LIKE A KID. If your wrestler sounds like a 13 year old, he'll have as much of a chance of winning as a 13 year old. Watch the WWF or WCW sometime, the wrestlers don't swear and if they do, it's edited out. Also, how many 25 year old wrestlers say "pussy" or "dick?" Not too many.

Bad Examples.

(1) "Hey shitface pussy breath!"

That just sounded stupid. It, quite frankly, sucked. Grown ups don't talk like that, so your wrestlers shouldn't either. If it was up to me, I'd probably kick someone like that out of the fed for being a moron.

3. DON'T TALK LIKE A SMART. If you watch the WWF or WCW, have you EVER heard them say "jobber" or "JTTS?" In all my years, I have never heard that come from a wrestler, announcer, or commentators mouth. (Unless you are talking to Johnny Jobber. :))

Bad Examples.

(1) "I'm going to kick your ass, you jobber!"

He insulted someone by calling them a "jobber," a word that wrestlers shouldn't know and have no business saying. I don't do that, some others do, but I wouldn't reccomend it. It's not as important as that spelling thing or sounding like a kid thing, but it could make your roleplays sound better.

4. WRITE IN PARAGRAPHS. Don't jumble everything together in one big 5K paragraph. It's a little bit harder to read and doesn't look very good. Write in mulitple paragraphs, it will definately help you out.

Bad Examples.

(1) Bad Roleplayer Man: Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Everything was jumbled together and it was all crammed. It's easier to read if you write in paragraphs and it looks much better.

5. DON'T PUSH THE LENGTH. Don't feel like you need to write an 11K roleplay every time. It will get boring for you and the reader and it will be obvious that you were just trying to get it to be really long. Just make your roleplays interesting and make sure they have quality, that's more important. But don't write 1K flashes either, because those are about 3 sentences and you can't get anything good done in three sentences. The average flash is about 3-5K with good quality. Don't make 11K or 1K flashes that are boring or pointless, it's just a waste of time. If you write the flash and it ends up to be 11K in the end, then it's okay because you weren't just trying to make it really long.

6. BE DESCRIPTIVE. Describe what your wrestler is wearing, how he is acting, what he is doing. Be very descriptive so the reader can picture it in their head.

Good Examples.

(1) ["Idolizer" Trace Michaels sits back on a black chair, reclining. He's wearing all green and red today. Some of the clothes he's featuring are a green t-shirt that says "Moo Krew" on it, green sweat pants with a red bandanna tied loosely around the left knee, and a red bandanna on his head, covering his long blonde hair. He looks towards the camera, stares at it for a second, then begins speaking.]

It told what he was wearing, where he was, and what he was looking at. So the reader knows that he's sitting in a chair and can picture it in their head. You don't have to be THAT descriptive, but at least give the reader an idea of what's going on.

7. DON'T BEG TO WIN. This has nothing to do with roleplaing, but... Don't e-mail the President of the league begging to win a match because it would really help you out and you need a win. It just gets the President mad at they will, most likely, job you in that match just because you asked to win. Instead of spending your time begging, write a good roleplay, you'll be more likely to win that way.

Bad Examples.

(1) Please let me win, it could really help my wrestler out and give him the push I need.

That's just obvious that your begging and it means the same as "Please let me win! I don't want to lose!" It's just pointless and will get you obsolutely nowhere.


Don't use a ton of just to make your RP longer.

Bad Examples.


Five words that took up two lines and looked really stupid. I always use 3 periods when indicating a pause."

Swearing in roleplays

"Did you ever notice how many guys today use the word, "f*ck"? It's just a common word now. They don't bother to put in a [BLEEP], they don't make any big deal at all. One question... how do we know when your character is really mad? Swearing has become too common in roleplays, and has lost its effectiveness whenwrestlers let themselves "slip" in anger.

Don't get me wrong, words like ass, bitch, and bastard are fine. No bleeps, nothing. But when you step into the range of the f*cks and shits and sexual references, try to use some control. Ask yourself, "If this were a real federation, would my promoter FIRE me over this interview?" Yes, I believe so. The fact of the matter is, you do NOT need swearing in roleplays to get heat. You could put an assorted [BLEEP] in an interview which is much much more effective than the actual word. At least it keeps the opponent guessing as to what you called them. :)

Just the plain fact is, a page of swearing is not a good roleplay. Not even a fairly good roleplay. Just control the mouth. It isn't appreciated.

Making your roleplays more beautiful

"What we look for is great roleplays, and with html tags, is more temping to put more push to someone that uses tags. So you better learn..."

Small to big letters...

Big as this!

Big as this!

Big as this!

Big as this!

Font's special effects...

Bold like this!

Italic like this!

Change paragraph

like this!

Line break
like this!

To centre like this!

Font colors...

Change color like this!

Other colors! (just change the code)


Well, if you put some of these in your interview, your roleplay will be "cool"! But, don't exaggerate, or you will receive an e-mail from us. If you put an other tag, your interview will be deleted.