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WWF Roster & Stables





Masta Red Masta-Plex None Coporate Ministry
Sun Vega Final Act None Corporate Ministry
Faarooq Dominator None Coporate Ministry
Bradshaw Clothesline from Hell None Coporate Ministry
Foxx Hole Rib Wrench Miss Misty Forgotten Force
Chips Chips Flip Miss Misty Forgotten Force
4ever Unknown 4ever on the Floor Miss Misty Forgotten Force
Kid Wingspan Miss Misty Forgotten Force
Goldust Curtain Call Marlena gWo
The Judge The Sentencer Dawn Marie gWo
Test The Grade Tori gWo
The Jury The Verdict Sunny gWo
Buff Bagwell Blockbuster Carmen Electra gWo
Sting Scorpion Death Drop Jenny McCarthy gWo
Triple Xpert X-Plex Asya gWo
Super Star Super Star Splash Stephanie McMahon Hunters
Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock None Hunters
"Big Show" Paul Wight The Show Stopper Ryan Shamrock Hunters
Greenlava Pedigreen None Hunters
Steve Blackman Guillotine Kick None Hunters
Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music Gourgeous George The Kliq
Triple H The Pedigree Chyna The Kliq
Sid Vicious Powerbomb Torrie Wilson The Kliq
Kevin Nash Jackknife Powerbomb Jenna Jamison The Kliq
Scott Hall Outsider's Edge Sable The Kliq
X-Pac Bronco Buster & X-Factor Jimmy B The Kliq
Slammin JoJo Jabrone Killer Ferret The Great Ones
Ferret Inverted Jabrone Killer None The Great Ones
Scott Williams Notorious Ankle Lock Joe Williams The Great Ones
Joe Williams Death Valley Driver Scott Williams The Great Ones
Violent Visionary Hood Rat DDT None None
El Cheapo Blue Light Special None None
The Crow The Resurrection None None
Road Dogg The Rolling Bone None None
Bad Ass Fame-ass-er None None
Jeff Jarrett Figure-Four Debra McMichael None
Chaz Chazinator Marianna None
Cunny Linguis Sperm Launcher None None
The Rock Rock Bottom & People's Elbow None None
Rob Van Dam Split Legged Moonsault None None
Taz Taz-mission & Taz-suplex Tammy Lynn Bytch None
Gangrel End DDT None None
Christian Kamikaze DDT None None
Mr. Dice Dice Block None None
Al Snow Snow Plow Erika None
Chase Summers Neckbreaker Hollywood Hogan None
Kidman Shooting Star Press Stratus None
Blue Blazer Dragon Sleeper None None
CuJo Dawg Pound None None
Miss Misty N/A None Forgotten Force
Stephanie McMahon N/A Super Star Hunters
Sunny N/A None Golden Squad
Tori N/A None Golden Squad
Jenny McCarthy N/A None Gold Squad
Carmen Electra N/A None Gold Squad
Chyna Pedigree None The Kliq
Jenna Jamison N/A None The Kliq
Sable Sable-bomb None The Kliq
Debra McMichael N/A None None
Marianna N/A None None