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WWF Personnel

The WWF Personnel is listed below. We are also called the Front Office. The jobs that are filled in with names are already taken. If you want to apply for a job, or you'd like to be part of the Front Office, you must get in contact with the Prez. On a side note, if there is a job you want that isn't listed below, contact the Prez, and ask & talk to him about it, thanks.

President: Vince McMahon (Adam)

Vice President: Sgt. Slaughter (Dave)

Commissioner: Eric Bischoff (Kurt)

Chairman: Chad Bossie

Advisor to Prez: Trey

Booker of Matches: Adam, Kurt, and Dave

Site Manager: Kurt (Super Star)

Homepage Editors: Adam, Kurt, and Dave

Administrator: Nate Robinson

ICQ Numbers for WWF Personnel

Adam (Prez): 36783287

Dave (VP): 5723968

Kurt (Commissioner): 34635922

Trey (Advisor to Prez): 14977104

Chad (Chairman): 31726758

Nate (Administrator): 23098303