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King of the Ring

Below are the King of the Ring results from Sunday, June 27th. It was a great night & PPV as new Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champions were crowned! Also, Val Venis calls it quits, and Vince aligns with his son Shane?

The Rock vs. CuJo (TV Title match)

This match was signed just days before the PPV as this was CuJo's debut match. The big man showed who was boss as he beat The Rock with his finisher, the Dawg Pound, to become the new and undisputed TV Champ!

-Winner by pinfall: CuJo

Sid Vicious & X-Pac vs. Big Show & Ken Shamrock

This was a good tag match as both teams had good offense and defense! Both Sid & Big Show showed their power. Not once were X-Pac & Big Show in at the same time, but that was a good thing for X-Pac! In the end, Big Show caught up to X-Pac, and hit him with the Show Stoppa! Shamrock also had Sid in the Ankle Lock as the ref counted to three for Big Show.

-Winners by pinfall: Big Show & Shamrock

Sunny vs. Stephanie McMahon vs. Debra McMichael (Women's Title match)

Since the Women's Title was reinstated just this past week, these three ladies have been running their mouths! Now it was time for them to settle who is the best Women's wrestler in the ring. Stephanie proved to us that she isn't the wrestling-type, but Debra & Sunny were at it for a good part of the match. But it was Sunny in the end who hit Debra with a dropkick from the top rope to win the match, and also to become the new Women's Champion!

-Winner by pinfall: Sunny

Shawn Michaels vs. 4ever Unknown

HBK had no trouble at all beating this guy in this match as he connected with Sweet Chin Music just three minutes after the bell rang for the match to being. After the match, the Corporate Ministry stormed the ring and tried to get HBK, but he left before they could do any damage. Then 4ever grabbed a mic, and told the CM to shove it, and he quits the stable. The CM then attacked him, then came Forgotten Force for the save. They cleared the ring of CM members, as they saved their new recruit, 4ever Unknown, from further injuries!

-Winner by pinfall: Shawn Michaels

The Crow vs. Violent Visionary (Hardcore Title match)

VV was putting his Hardcore Title on the line for the first time since having it handed over to him at Raw last week. The Crow, in only his third match, showed great moves & agility, but it wasn't enough to put VV down for the count. VV used many weapons as he won the match with the Hood Rat DDT through a table.

-Winner by pinfall: Violent Visionary

Sun Vega vs. Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight Title match)

This match was kind of boring, but Rey Mysterio held on to his Cruiserweight Title for another match! He hit Sun Vega with the Hurricanrana in the end for the win. At one point, Sun Vega looked to have this match won, but Rey purposely knocked out the ref when he went for a high-flying move. The ref finally came to his senses minutes later to do the three-count.

-Winner by pinfall: Rey Mysterio

Chris Jericho vs. Pat Lessard (European Title match)

These two guys have gone at it for the last week or so, and they were out to either win or keep the European Title. This match was either man's win as they both put up good fights. But by the time Jericho was ready to slap on the Lion Tamer, Pat Lessard reversed it, and he caught CJ in The Originator for the win!

-Winner by pinfall: Pat Lessard

Masta Red vs. Kane & Undertaker (Handicap match)

This match was suppose to be a blockbuster as Masta Red was going up against Kane & Undertaker, the two denomic brothers from hell. UT & Kane came out, and were booed by the crowd quite loudly. The so-called "Greater Power" also, surprisingly" walked out with them to watch on. Then by the time Masta's music played, he didn't come out. They played the music again, and still no Masta Red. Then, the Undertaker grabbed the mic and told the world that he would reveal the Greater Power, and this was the time to do it. He grabbed the GP's hood, then slowly pulled it off and it was none other than Masta Red! Masta has turned on Val Venis, and has aligned forces with Undertaker, Shane, and the Corporate Ministry!

-Decision: No contest

DDP vs. Val Venis (Intercontinental Title match)

DDP & Val Venis both wanted the IC Title. This match didn't last too long, but in the end, DDP hit Val with the Diamond Cutter for the win, and to become the new Intercontinental Champ! After the match was over, Val grabbed a mic, and had two words for the WWF as he said, "I quit". Val left, and then Sid Vicious ran out to give DDP a major beat down! Sid then left, with DDP laying on the mat, totally beaten up from the psycho man himself.

-Winner by pinfall: DDP

Outsiders vs. Outlaws vs. Pat & Shane (Tag Title match)

This match has been moved to the Raw card for tomorrow night. So guys, you need to RP for this match as it will happen tomorrow!

-Decision: N/A

Super Star vs. DDP (KOTR Finals World Title match)

This match was to decide who is the World Champ. Both men put up their best fight as this sure was a showdown! This was a great match as it went back & forth a lot. In the end, it sure was a surprise! Goldust just layed down for Super Star! Then SS pinned Goldust for the 1-2-3 to become the new Heavyweight Champ! Then Shawn Michaels once again made his presence felt as he came out and gave SS some Sweet Chin Music and layed him out on the mat. Then the gWo came out for the save, but Shawn escaped without injury!

-Winner by pinfall: Super Star

Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon (for WWF Presidency)

This match was to decide who would be the Prez of the WWF. Vince knew he couldn't stay the Prez without a good fight from Shane. Suddenly, the lights went out right as the bell rang. The Corporate Ministry's music played as the whole gang walked out. They all climbed in to the ring as Vince & Shane looked on. Then, Vince took the mic and told the world...that he's now aligned with Shane! Multiple "asshole" chants were heard throughout the arena as Masta Red, the Greater Power, sacrificed Vince. Then KOTR went off the air...

-Decision: No contest