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Join the WWF e-fed

Welcome to the WWF e-fed. This is the page where you can join the e-fed. We are looking for more members, and also more good RPers. We have two cards a week, along with two PPVs every month. The "In Your House" PPVs are all on the second Sundays of every month, and the regular-named PPVs are all on the fourth Sundays of every month. We hope you join this e-fed, and we will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Real Name:

ICQ Number:

AOL/IM Screen Name:

E-Mail Address:

Wrestler's Name:

Wrestler's Weight (min-160 max-550):

Wrestler's Height (min-5'5" max-7'5"):

Finishing Move:

Face, heel, or neutral:


Entrance Music:


Style (hardcore, high flyer, etc):