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The Insider

The Insider Welcome to the first edition of 'The Insider'! I will be posting here various things I and informers have overheard. So let's Kick it off. Is gWo headed for destruction? It seems with the stable holding 6 titles they could go VERY soon. Is the Boy Wonder gone again? It seems for a brief time he was back Now he is gone again. Who is the Next heavyweight chamion. Don't be suprised if you see gold change gold. Is the Cruiserweight division going to pick up? What happened to The Rock? Is someone going to be suspended for an extremely disrespectful Role Play? Who is the next Superstar to make an impact here? Is the union gone to the Hunters? Where has VV gone? It seems a few wrestlers that left may come back with new additudes. How long until women show up? It Kurt back with his family good? When is Goldust going to go for the Big Gold? Only I know. Stay tuned for more rumors and rambling. Until next time this has been 'The Insider'