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World Wrestling Federation

Welcome to the WWF e-fed. This page has recently re-opened, because of some personal problems. Yes, as many of you guys know, someone broke in to the old WWF page, and they deleted it and the e-fed. But now, we're back in business, and we're ready to take over in e-fed wrestling!! Now, in order to be in the WWF, you must have had to join through the "JOIN" page, or join the e-fed through me by talking to me. if you're already a member of this e-fed, you should roleplay 2-5 times every week in order to stay in the e-fed. If you don't RP for a while, you could get suspended, fired, or your wrestler might get taken away and given to another person. So remember, in RPs, you should have QUALITY in your RPs, it's not quantity that counts. So thanks for coming to the page, and feel free to check out the whole page!

Take A Minute Ans Stare At This Pic.Think About Owen.And How He Risked His Life Just To Entertain Us.Long Live Owen's Soul......Thank's For Your Time

-VP Shane McMahon aka Pat Lessard

Judgement will call upon all of you....Judgement Day: In Your House is the next big spectacular in the WWF. Not only is it the next PPV, it's rumoured to be one of the BIGGEST WWF PPVs ever!! I would recommend that none of you even try to miss this PPV!! The date is June 13th, don't miss the action!!

Click here for Monday's Raw is War card.

Results for this card will be posted on Monday night.

Thursday's Thunder card will be posted on Tuesday.

The results to that card will be posted next Thursday.

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